With Serverwala’s VPS Vietnam eliminate the problem of Bad Neighbors

If your site is hosted on a platform shared among multiple users, then it’s evident that any activity happening with your neighboring site will affect your site. This means your site can undergo sluggish performance, low speed, open for viruses, and much more. So, if you want to secure your site from such bad neighbors, that can affect your online business presence by affecting your site performance and speed. It’s better to opt for a resource intensive hosting platform such as VPS Vietnam that gives powerful servers, an isolated hosting environment, dedicated resources, heightened security, and much more. These services secure your site from bad neighbors. 

In brief, a VPS or Virtual Private Server is a secure and affordable web hosting service that uses virtualization technologies to render the isolated hosting environment and dedicated resources to each user. Further, you’ll be given uncountable benefits and key components with the VPS Server in Vietnam from Serverwala that you’ll get to know later in this post. 

If you want to know how VPS can eliminate the problems of bad neighbors and free you from experiencing shared hosting issues, then this guide is for you. But before that, let’s know what possible topics you can experience with the shared hosting that VPS overcomes. Let’s get started!

Issues you will encounter with Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting is the primary web hosting service that is basically suggested for small online businesses or startups. But if any user is running the medium scale business site on the shared hosting platform. In that case, it definitely reaches out of the resources, and your site undergoes downtime and sluggish performance. Below mentioned are the following common issues that any user can face with the shared hosting. Let’s review them so you get an idea of how VPS overcomes shared limitations. 

Lack of Security

With Shared Hosting, you have to share your resources with third-party users, making the site open for malware. This is due to resource sharing if one site accidentally encounters some issues. In such a situation, the rest of the sites sharing the same web space get affected. However, you need to secure your site; that’s why VPS Vietnam is the most recommended option for you.

Limited Resources

Undoubtedly in shared hosting, you can have limited space and resources. Hence, you can’t enjoy the benefits of having high availability of resources for your site. If you want more resources, then you need to upgrade your hosting to Vietnam VPS Server. 

No Dedicated IP 

As usual, you share your webspace. This means sharing IP with multiple websites that are hosted on your shared hosting. This is resulting in reduced efficiency and raises complexity in finding your site. Hence, VPS Hosting has overcome this factor and gives you a Dedicated IP that helps you identify your website with a URL.

No Dedicated SSL

Unlike you host your site on a VPS or Dedicated Server, you’ll not be given the Secure Socket Layer Security. This means you can’t expect the SSL certificate with the Shared Hosting. This is one of the significant limitations of a shared server. 

Bad Customer Services

As shared hosting is the cheapest web hosting plan among the plenty of hosting options. However, you’ll get enough customer service irrespective of server cost. Whereas, with VPS Server in Vietnam, you can have excellent customer support services.

After knowing the limitations of Shared Hosting, it’s time to know how VPS Vietnam can help you fill the gaps left by shared platforms. In the next section, you’ll get to know about this.

How does VPS Vietnam solve all the issues you face with a Shared Server?

Virtual Private Server is a highly secure hosting service that gives you enterprise services and a high level of enhanced resources. These resources are enough to help your site eliminate bad neighbors. Further, you can check the more benefits of having a VPS Hosting Vietnam, including:

#1. Full Control

Vietnam VPS server gives you complete control over your server that you won’t get with the shared server. However, with VPS, you can efficiently operate and manage your hosting according to your site requirements. Also, you are free to install self coded and custom applications on your server.

#2. Scalable Resources

With the VPS Server, you get highly scalable resources. This means you can quickly scale up your resources, including Random Access Memory, Solid State Drive, Bandwidth, and much more. With such resources, your site works with high speed. 

#3. Performance Optimized

With the robust hardware configurations and reliable infrastructure of a VPS Vietnam Hosting, you can experience the highly optimized performance of your site. But you can’t expect the same with shared hosting.

#4. Enhanced Security

No doubt, security is the most crucial factor that every user needs to secure their website data. However, it is one of the primary limitations of shared hosting, whereas the best benefits of VPS hosting. You’ll get advanced hosting security measures that ensure high protection of your site data. 

#5. Professional Support

With the best VPS package, if you go with the managed plans, then you’ll get real time support from your web host. So, if you encounter any technical issues, you have the choice to make them resolve within a short span by contacting your web host.

#6. Cost Effective

Yes, VPS Vietnam indeed comes with a slightly increased price than a Shared Hosting. But utterly worth the money because you’ll be given an independent hosting platform, dedicated resources, complete security, more privacy, and much more that you can’t expect with the Shared Server.

With such exclusive benefits of VPS Vietnam hosting, you can know how you can keep your site high performing, enhanced and secure from the bad neighbors. But, web hosting is the building block for your site. Similarly, a web host is a pillar for your site. So, you should make this decision wisely. For that, I would like to recommend going with the Serverwala web host. 

Serverwala: The Best Vietnam VPS Provider with Economical Prices

Serverwala Cloud Data Center Pvt. Ltd is a reliable and award winning web hosting provider that provides different types of web hosting services. These services include Shared Server, VPS Server, Dedicated Server, Cloud Server, Colocation, and Cluster Server. With these server hosting services, you’ll get a wide range of exclusive services and intense resources. With these resources, you can ensure that you’re with whom sites you share the resources like CPU usage is not bad like in a shared server. The most exciting thing is that you will get all the services exclusively at an economical price and 24*7 customer support. 

Critical Components of Serverwala’s VPS Vietnam Plans

With the VPS Hosting, you can have a broad list of reliable features that you can utilize to make your site high performing and fast. Some of the top and principal features are listed below:

#1. Server Management

#2. Heightened Security

#3. Quick and Easy Control Panels

#4. Unlimited Bandwidth

#5. Unhindered Performance

#6. Dedicated Resources

#7. 99.99% Uptime

#8. Cloud Powered VPS

#9. Resource Monitoring Dashboard

#10. Easy Customization

#11. Highly Scalable

#12. Host Unlimited Sites

#13. Solid State Drives

Final Words

If you really care about your neighbors, it’s good not only for your site performance and speed but also for rapid growth. However, to ensure no other site and user affect your site and its online presence. You should choose Serverwala’s VPS Vietnam Hosting. Because it gives you an independent hosting platform, solely devoted resources, optimal performance, high uptime, easy customization, high scalability, and so on. All these resources help you to keep your site secure and protected from bad neighbors. So, you can fearlessly enjoy your hosting with a great end user experience. 

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