Why SEO Agencies Should Use Google Search Console Reporting

A lot of tried and tested methods are used these days to drive traffic to a particular website. Various social media handles, email marketing, pay-per-click ads, display ads, etc. are some of them. But still, organic search is considered to be mainly responsible for directing traffic towards a website. To improve their performance, often companies take the help of SEO agencies to gain high visibility in SERPs. When this responsibility is handed over to an agency, then it should try its best to prove the value of its services. The agency’s sole aim would be to help its client understand how to drive traffic towards their company’s website. 

Suppose you are running a Digital Marketing Agency and you have been approached by a company to help them with their SEO ranking. So, what would you do to gain their trust? Probably you would be using a variety of software tools to gather data that measure organic search traffic. But whichever tool you might have chosen to do so, none can beat the performance of Google Search Console. There’s no other tool in the market that can compete with Google Search Console unless you have built your SEO software over it.   

Google Search Console is a free tool that uses the official data provided by the search engine result pages of Google whereas other tools “scrape” data from SERPs. In this article, you would get a brief idea as to how to use this tool to provide data to your client that would help their website to rank high in Google searches.

What is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free platform that helps you to monitor how the content of a company’s website is performing in SEO searches. It gives you access to much important information that is essential for any website owner. GSC can tell you about – 

  • the keywords that are responsible for directing traffic to an online site  
  • the pages of the site that get most of the traffic
  • related queries that are directing traffic towards a particular page
  • whether Google is having a problem accessing any of the site’s page
  • If an error has been encountered (eg. Error 404 or broken links) while browsing the website
  • security concerns

What you can do is ask your client to open a GSC account and simultaneously add your firm as the primary user. This will help you to provide the best of your services. The information provided by Google Search Console is useful for anyone who owns a website. But what you are most likely to find is that sometimes the amount of data it flashes could be overwhelming for your client. This is where you can step in to help by providing a report for your client that would be easy for them to interpret and understand. Through this client reporting, you will be comprehensively presenting the data, and make recommendations according to your understanding of the data. 

Now let’s focus on why this tool has gained so much prominence and is considered to be very helpful for SEO reporting.

Allows you to view 100 percent of keywords

Any SEO agency tries to use multiple keyword searches to drive traffic towards their client’s website. But if they can’t have access to the keyword ranking, then their efforts won’t be perceptible to their client. 

You can try other tools for this purpose. Though, some of the popular software use bots to collect keyword ranking data, but none can cope up with Google Search Console’s performance. It’s so because it can keep a track of every keyword that your client’s website appears for. This will help you to guide your client in reaching the target consumers.

Provides daily updates

An updated keyword ranking is crucial for any SEO agency to guide their client adequately. In other SEO tools that use SERP scraps, the ranking that is reflected is always backdated. These don’t get updated frequently when it comes down to tracking more niche keywords that have less search volume. If your client belongs to the niche market, then the limited access to the keywords with less search volume can bar you from providing a good report. 

But unlike the other SEO tools, Google Search Console has daily updates of rankings. And that makes your job as an SEO agency much easier. 

Impression data

The number of times a user views your web page in the search engine result pages is referred to as impressions. Whether you click on the particular link or not, depending on the visibility of the result the number is counted.  

While presenting the client report these impressions should be used by the SEO agencies to show how their web page’s visibility has increased in SERPs. However, this feature of tracking the impression data is not present in most SEO tools. But you get to use this feature in GSC. 

Estimated organic traffic vs. actual organic traffic

Most of the rank tracking software evaluates the organic traffic of a certain web page by calculating rank position, average click-through rate, and search volume. But GSC gives you the actual total number of clicks the organic searches have generated. Estimated traffic can either under or overestimate the organic traffic. 

Keyword-specific metrics vs. page-specific metrics

Sometimes clients may approach you by stating that they want to see their ranking based on a certain specific keyword or keyword phrase target. Google Search Console can help you in depicting the improvement for those search terms that your client wants the web page to dominate in. Having keyword-specific metrics rather than page-specific metrics can be a game-changer for SEO reporting.

Reports that an SEO agency can use for reporting

Google Search Console also allows its users to use the tool to produce SEO reports that are very easy to generate. They are – 

  • Top Queries Report
  • Backlinks Report
  • Core Web Vital Report
  • Index Coverage Report 

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An SEO agency will be able to provide the best service to its client if they use Google Search Console to meet the client’s demands. It is free for all, presents accurate data, and is easy to comprehend. So, if you want your agencies to have a long-term relationship with your clients, then Google Search Console reporting can help you to accomplish it.

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