Why Does My Dog Love to Lick Me All Over?

Well, you are your canine furry baby’s favorite human, which is why they lick you all over to show how much you mean to them. Even when you find the wet kisses repelling, there are only a few ways to stop your doggo overwhelmed with affection from washing you.

The puppy might be happy that it wiped your face, ears, hands, and legs all clean, but little does it know about your emotions during that moment unless you express your concerns. Once in a while, this dog habit can be endearing; however, if it endures for long periods, there can be a problem.

If you notice obsessive and compulsive licking habits in your pet pooch, take it to the vet to remedy the behavior. It can be a behavioral issue or a health issue manifesting as a behavioral problem, so testing is vital to get to the root cause of the issue.

If you have a dog insurance policy, you need not worry much about the finances involved in getting your furry pupper tested and treated during unanticipated health conditions. Pet insurance for dogs covers pet medical care during accidents, allergies, injuries, particular illnesses, dental conditions, health emergencies, and more, depending on the level of cover you choose.

Consider purchasing a pet policy if you haven’t bought it already. Meanwhile, read this article to understand why puppies love to lick their owners.

Why does my dog love to lick me?

Licking is a habit that is woven into a puppy’s nature. Researchers say that licking can release “Endorphins”, commonly known as “Happy hormones”, in a furry baby’s brain. These protein complexes make a doggy feel calm and composed.

Primarily a four-pawed person licks to taste food/treats. At the same time, puppies lick their owners or favorite people or animals to show affection, groom, communicate, explore, and focus.

Puppies have learnt to lick since puppyhood days

Furry babies need little time to understand that their tongues are efficient tools to interact with the world. Mother dogs often lick their young pups to wash them clean and stimulate them once born. Plus, the mother dog can lick and nudge baby dogs to pee and poop.

In the case of wild dogs, the little pups lick the older dogs to show submissiveness. Also, licking is a puppy’s way of showering its dear ones (littermates) with care and affection and comforting itself and others.

Puppies lick to taste things

Licking activates a canine fur baby’s sense of smell. To mention a fact, our canine friends use their sense of smell more than their sense of taste while selecting what to lick. It is precisely why your puppy might choose to lick body areas like the face, ears, hands, and feet that are saltier and more odorous due to sweat production.

Why do puppies mostly lick particular body areas?

Humans have two types of sweat glands – eccrine and apocrine. The former secretes a clear, thin, odorless fluid constituting salts and proteins and is present on the forehead, cheeks, armpits, palms, and feet soles. The latter secretes a relatively concentrated fluid that reacts with the skin bacteria producing strong body odor in the ear canals, eyelids, nostrils, armpits and groin areas.

Clearly, your puppy is interested in the scents and tastes when it licks you all over. Allow your pup its indulgences, but if you have applied body lotions, creams, medicated ointments, or just then sprayed perfume, don’t let your dog lick you, as it can cause poisoning in your furry pup.

If the puppy has licked something that it shouldn’t have, seek medical assistance asap. Pet insurance for dogs can help support your furry companion with timely medical help in such times and other health emergencies. Consider buying dog insurance to provide your furry family member top-notch medical care with a little financial burden.

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