Which One Should You Use For Marketing Facebook Profile or Facebook Page

With more than 2.9 billion active users all over the world, Facebook is a holy grail for online businesses.

More than 200 million businesses are using Facebook to market their products online.

Some of them use a Facebook profile while some use a Facebook page to connect and engage with their audience.

Now, if you are thinking of replicating their approach, your first question would be:” Should I create a Facebook page or a Facebook profile for marketing?”

This article will address this question and shed some light on the use of both channels.

1. Facebook Profile is Personal, a Page Represents the Whole Brand/Business

If you have been a user of the world’s biggest social media platform, you must be aware of the difference between a profile and a page.

A profile is made for personal use, it belongs to a single individual who has the freedom to share his thoughts, ideas, and any form of content within the community guidelines.

A page too can belong to an individual (influencer, athlete, artist, author, etc.) but it’s open to everyone. Unlike your profile, anyone can see your page and interact with you there.

So even if you are starting small but you want to later turn that business into a global brand, you need a page.

Just observe all the renowned brands promoting their business on Facebook, and you will learn that each of them relies on a page rather than using a Facebook profile.

2. Page Allows Limitless Following, Personal Account Only a Few Thousand Friends

Once again, if your aim is to create a global brand, or a brand operating in a particular country with thousands of loyal customers, you need a page.

While there’s no limit on the number of people who can follow your personal account on Facebook, you can only add up to 5000 of them to your friend list.

On the other hand, when it comes to a business page, there are no limits. Any number of people can like and follow it.

3. Facebook Page Offers Analytics, Account Doesn’t

No marketing campaign works without accurate analytics. If you don’t know how many people saw your ad and engaged, who they are and from where you will never be able to craft a data-driven marketing plan for your business.

That’s the biggest perk of having a Facebook page. You can check out the analytics, including the engagement rate and the recent followers, getting a comprehensible view from the top regarding everything that matters.

Unfortunately, this is not the case with a Facebook profile. There’s no such option that lets you see details of your followers unless you manually stalk their profiles and store that data.

Once again, if you want your Facebook marketing campaign to be based on a solid, data-driven strategy, a Facebook page will bring a lot of handy options to the table.

4. Facebook Page Allows Post Scheduling, Personal Accounts Don’t

Digital marketing agencies in Dubai and all over the world use automation tools to create and schedule posts at once. This saves a lot of time in the long run.

They don’t have to wait for a particular time of the day to hit the ‘publish’ button. Moreover, with automation, they are able to cater to more clients without having to hire dedicated resources for each project.

Unfortunately, these tools don’t work for personal accounts. So if you are planning to promote your business using your established personal profile, get ready to go through the grind of manual promotion.

Otherwise, you can subscribe to any paid or free social media marketing tool and schedule posts for the whole month at once.

5. Promoting Stuff From Personal Profile Often Goes Against the Community Guidelines

Yeah, that can happen sometimes. Especially when you go wild while promoting your product or services on Facebook groups or via messengers. Constantly posting promotional stuff from your personal account is also perceived as scamming by the audience.

If you read the community guidelines, it clearly states that running a Facebook profile solely for the sake of promotion is prohibited.

Violating the community rules regarding advertisement on Facebook can lead to a temporary temporary ban – and your account can be permanently disabled without any warning.

In contrast, there’s no limit to promotion when it comes to promoting via a page. After all, the sole purpose of a Facebook page is to build an audience and fulfill the different objectives behind it.

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While it’s possible to run promotions on your personal Facebook account, it’s never considered professional. To target a vast audience, you need a dedicated platform to not only promote, but engage with the audience and provide useful content in various forms.

So, your way forward in this regard is clear. Create a Facebook page, invest in content, and attract the right audience. If that seems a tough ask for you because of other duties, hire a Facebook marketing agency to manage your page.

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