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Visioning as a strategy analysis technique has been around since the 1970s. It was first popularized by Peter Senge in his book ‘The Fifth Discipline,’ which introduced the concept of systems thinking. The technique has since been used in a variety of contexts, from business strategy to public policy. 

Visioning is based on the idea that creating a clear and compelling vision for the future can help to inform decision-making and set the direction for an organization. It involves creating a mental picture of the desired future state and then analyzing the steps required to reach that state. This analysis can involve the identification of potential obstacles and the development of strategies to overcome them. Check out more information about cbap training at adaptiveus elearning

Visioning has become an increasingly popular technique in recent years, as it helps organizations plan for the future more. It allows organizations to create a shared vision of the desired future and develop strategies to achieve it. It can also be used to identify potential risks and develop strategies to mitigate them. Visioning can be used to align teams and individuals with the organization’s goals, as well as to create a culture of innovation and collaboration.


Determine the desired outcome for an initiative worded in a concise and approachable manner.


Visioning creates aspirational guidance that is used to understand if efforts align to desired outcomes and add value. Visioning facilitates a shared understanding of the strategy for the organization or initiative. Visioning allows the team to orient all work towards the vision. An initiative achieves value when it delivers value that contributes to an organization’s business goals.

  • Vision Statement – Describes what a company desires to achieve in the long-run in a simple statement 
  • Vision Exercise – A session facilitated by strategic analysis practitioners with key stakeholders to determine the vision statement.
  • Impact Metrics – Can be measured objectively to see if the organization is achieving the vision for the initiative.

Usage considerations

Focuses the team and stakeholders on the organizational value to be achieved. It helps in specifying what is in and what is out for the initiative and thereby align and motivate people. However, it can lead to people narrowing focus to one solution instead of exploring many options.

Advantages of Visioning as a strategy analysis technique 

  1. Creates alignment: Visioning helps to create alignment by providing a clear and shared direction. It helps to bring the team together, making sure that everyone is working towards a common goal. 
  2. Motivation: Visioning provides a sense of purpose and motivation to the team. It gives them a reason to come to work and strive for excellence. 
  3. Innovation: Visioning encourages the team to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to challenges. This can help to keep the team engaged and motivated. 
  4. Strategic planning: Visioning helps to inform strategic planning. It provides a framework for decision-making and helps to identify areas of focus. 
  5. Clarity: Visioning helps to provide clarity. It helps to eliminate ambiguity, making it easier for the team to understand the company’s goals and objectives.

Weaknesses of Visioning as a strategy analysis technique 

  1. Time-consuming: Visioning is a time-consuming strategy analysis technique and can be difficult to implement if there are many stakeholders involved. 
  2. Subjective: Visioning is a subjective technique and can be influenced by personal opinions and preferences. 
  3. Limited flexibility: Visioning is a static technique and does not allow for changes to be made easily. 
  4. Lack of detail: Visioning does not provide the detail needed to make informed decisions. 
  5. Lack of accountability: Visioning does not provide any accountability for the actions taken as a result of the analysis.

Relationship of Visioning with other strategy analysis techniques 

Visioning is a strategy analysis technique that attempts to define a future desired state, or vision, for an organization. It is often used in combination with other strategy analysis techniques, such as SWOT analysis, Porter’s Five Forces, and Porter’s Generic Strategies. 

Visioning helps set the direction for an organization, while the other analysis techniques provide a more detailed understanding of the organization’s current situation, strengths and weaknesses, and potential opportunities and threats. By combining visioning with other analysis techniques, an organization can gain a comprehensive understanding of its strategies and develop an actionable plan for achieving its vision.

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Future of Visioning as a strategy analysis technique 

Visioning as a strategy analysis technique is likely to continue to be used as a way to help organizations identify and define their values and goals. It is a useful tool for envisioning the future and for developing strategies to reach those goals. As technology continues to evolve, visioning will likely become more integrated into the strategic planning process. Companies may use artificial intelligence and other data analysis tools to help identify trends and patterns, evaluate potential strategies, and develop long-term plans. 

Visioning will also likely become more collaborative, incorporating the feedback of stakeholders, customers, and employees. As organizations become more focused on sustainability and social responsibility, visioning may be used to identify and articulate these values in order to help guide decision-making and strategy development.

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