Top reasons why businesses should employ DAAS

Trying to manage and maintain your home desktop environment can take a lot of time and effort. Your IT staff must support, diagnose, and upgrade each PC as well as every application that your users utilize regularly.

Employees will be required to work remotely in the upcoming years, making this duty even more difficult. In light of these issues, Desktop as a Service, or DaaS, is a service worth looking into implementing.

In this blog, the main reasons for employing desktop as a Service in small businesses and the way DaaS works will be discussed.

The cloud provider takes care of the maintenance, upgrades, security, and other routine chores, so your IT staff doesn’t have to. Your IT department is still in charge of configuring and controlling the desktop, but it is free of most of the day-to-day management tasks.

Your servers, network, and security systems all run on this tier. This necessitates knowledge of storage, networking, and security. The computers on which your platform runs are at the very bottom of the stack. Maintaining all of your PCs necessitates some hardware knowledge.

The virtual desktops and programs that your user access make up the top layer. Operating systems, applications, security, and licensing, as well as systems administration and patching, are all required.

  • IT teams are seeking ways to automate tactical services and streamline day-to-day operations so they can focus on strategic projects and the delivery of new applications and services. DaaS enables the continuous integration and delivery of developing technologies. DaaS also allows you to support initiatives that require a short ramp-up time without compromising your company’s network or intellectual property.

It’s difficult to plan for resource needs and scale infrastructure, whether it be physical systems or virtual desktop infrastructure, to keep up with the demands of a dynamic organization. DaaS delivers rapid scalability to ease the planning process and solves unforeseen conditions, even for enterprises that already use VDI on-premises.

Although VDI virtualizes your desktop environment, it still necessitates the utilization of in-house personnel to manage both real and virtualized devices. Most businesses have desktop management knowledge but lack the capabilities to maintain an on-premises virtual infrastructure.

Your IT team will be less burdened and stressed as a result of outsourcing the majority of the management and routine maintenance of your desktop environment, especially when dealing with day-to-day support activities.

  • You may adjust your desktop requirements up or down depending on the number of users with DaaS. As a result, you only pay for the virtual resources that you require. This can save your company money in the long run by avoiding the upfront costs of on-premises infrastructure.
  • Developers, graphic designers, data scientists, and other specialists sometimes require powerful computers with more CPU and GPU processing capability. In circumstances when such computers are not available in-house, DaaS can provide them.

According to Adam Lotz, senior manager for product marketing at Citrix’s desktop and applications group, DaaS can lessen security risks caused by employees who lose their laptops or mobile devices, especially when traveling.

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DaaS isn’t always the best or most cost-effective option. For legal or regulatory reasons, an organization may be required to host and operate its PCs. IT, like most cloud services, has a responsibility to play in ensuring that the desktop environment is secure, accessible, and productive.

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