Top 5 Label Template Tools for 2021

Labels are amazing marketing tools for businesses to attract customer’s attention. Also, this little price of paper is what convinces the audience to go and purchase the products. So, the use of these marketing tools stays inevitable, at least at this point. Using old methods of creating labels is time-consuming and costs much. This is the reason label template tools are perfect for this task. These tools save time, are free of cost, and create professional designs. Check below the top 5 label template tools for 2021. 

Designhill Label Templates

Designhill label maker is one of the best label template tools for 2021. It is a great option to create stunning yet professional-looking designs. And it is also an amazing platform that specializes in designing logos, labels, business cards, brochures, flyers, posters, and a lot more things. If you are a graphic designer, this is your perfect spot. 

This tool is equipped with great features to assist your design. It has thousands of pre-designed templates to create beautiful product labels. Creating labels with Designhill can greatly benefit your business. The Designhill library is equipped with plenty of useful and gorgeous images, fonts, colors, etc. You can even upload your images or fonts to give a personal touch to your designs. Not only this, this feature greatly benefits branding your designs. 

You only need to follow a few simple steps to create designs that stand out. First, select a label template that fits your requirement. Or, you can use blank canvas and let your creativity do all the work. 

After this, customize your designs according to your business needs. Add colors, fonts, images, etc to labels. In the end, you are ready to download your design and use them. The documents can be downloaded in jpeg, png, or pdf formats with a single click. 

Adobe Creative Suite 

Choosing an Adobe product can never be wrong. It is one of the best designing tools that can choose no matter what you are designing. This tool can be used to create videos, graphic designs, labels, logos, posters, flyers, brochures, and much more. 

Adobe Suite is an advanced-level option for graphic designers. Though more and more users are searching for methods of how to get Adobe Illustrator for free, you should never do this. Downloading any program from a third-party resource entails many problems, starting with a hefty fine and ending with imprisonment.

This designing tool is better for people with little experience. This is because of a higher learning curve as compared to other similar platforms. So, if you are a beginner and have little knowledge about graphic designing, you might feel stuck with Adobe. 

You can create sophisticated labels and stickers using Adobe. It is a great investment for designing product labels. All you need to worry about is the high price tag and steep learning curve of the platform. 

You can use the blank canvas or choose label templates to create a design. You can personalize labels using text, fonts, colors, shapes, icons, etc. Download your designs or print them directly from the software. 

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Canva Label Maker

Canva is a designing platform that fits perfectly for beginners as well as experienced designers. It assists entry-level designers to rightfully execute their vision and be creative. This platform offers features like photo editing, layout designs, and graphics of all types. 

This platform is filled with thousands of pre-designed templates to be readily used. Get a blank canvas, if you like designing all by yourself. Or, you can choose a template that fits your requirement. After that, you can easily customize it according to your business. Add icons, text, colors, shapes, grids, stickers, etc to your designs. The drag and drop feature makes working on Canva simple and convenient for all. After completion, you can save, share or print your designs directly from the website. 

If you wish to add something extra to your designs, you can always use your items to add that personal touch. 

Canva provides such amazing features to its audience to create masterpieces. All of these features offered by Canva are free of cost. However, if you are an advance and professional designer, you can always purchase the premium version. It is one step ahead and a better choice for experts. 

Some other references are:

Maestro Label Designer

Maestro label design is an online designing platform created by This software comprises blank as well pre-designed templates in lots of different sizes to create stunning and creative labels. And also, it has clip-arts, fonts, colors, icons, stickers, etc to make designing even more creative. Maestro label designer also has an inbuilt alignment tool to assist with printing. 

This tool is designed specifically for label designing and printing purposes. This tool is a great product label designer. Although the selection of shapes and fonts is a bit limited, they provide you the freedom to upload items from your computer for designing too. 

Furthermore, This web-based tool allows you access to your designs anywhere in the world. High-level users can also use nutrition and barcode generator tools on the platform. 

For designing, choose your label configuration or a label design template. Add text, photos, colors, or anything that the software offers. After completing the designs, you can save or print them directly. 

Disketch Disc Label

Disketch Disc label tool is considered highly efficient software from NCH. This tool is useful in creating stunning labels in very little time. Using this software you can create professional labels in simple steps. 

Disketch Disc Label is equipped with beautiful label templates of various types. You can create lots of designs using the templates offered by this software. This tool has loads of label images and text that are easy to arrange and format. Plus, this tool allows you to place text and images on layers to design creative labels. 

Next, it has a huge and rich selection of text styles that make labels look even more professional. You can easily format, resize, and align your label designs while using this software. The presence of such amazing customization options makes this tool one of the best label template tools for 2021. 

In addition to this, the Disketch Disc label allows you to print directly on sticky or, you can print on printable discs. You can easily export files to get your designs printed in seconds.


There are a number of graphic design tools present online like business card maker, funny t-shirt makers, etc. The main point is to figure out the best amongst them. The above-given list is for such one of the best tools available online. Hope these will help to get the best option according to your requirement.

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