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Tips to Choose a Nice Sofa for your living room

Selecting the perfect sofa can be overwhelming. This is one of the most essential furnishing decisions that you have to make as so much of your home life revolves around this very piece. Be it relaxing on a weekend, hosting a party, watching TV, waiting for someone, or taking a nap, all these activities can take place on your sofa.

Tips to choose the perfect sofa

1. Always prioritize your lifestyle: You should buy a moment and consider your lifestyle and what your requirements from a sofa are in your daily life. If you are having a huge family then you might benefit from a sectional sofa. If you have kids or pets then you might benefit from a stain-resistant fabric on the sofa and if relaxation is your main goal then you might invest in a motion sofa that can recline at your convenience.

2. Sofa orientation should be determined: Ever thought of how to orient a sofa in your space? If yes, you are doing great! Decide whether you will be putting the sofa in the center or against a wall. Consider the view from your sofa too.

3. Measure your sofa size: You cannot measure anything too many times! Measure your sofa a number of times to avoid accommodation problems. Learn how big or small (width, length, and height) your sofa is in comparison to your living space like doors, hallways, living area, etc.

4. Be choosy with leather or fabric type: Coming to a decision on the perfect sofa fabric material for your sofa according to your lifestyle can be tricky. If you have kids or pets then you might benefit from a stain-resistant fabric on the sofa. Also, learn about the cleaning techniques and recommendations for the upkeep of your sofa.

5. Choose the color of the sofa in comparison to your interior: This can be the most puzzling decision that you might have to take. There are so many colors to choose from nowadays ranging from bright and bold colors with bold patterns to mild, neutral, or pastel shades. There is actually no right or wrong in choosing the perfect palette as long as you are selecting something that you love or will keep loving for plenty of years to come.

6. Choose a sofa style that will suit your house: Always consider your old or existing furniture before buying new furniture for your home. If the rest of your furniture has a traditional style then get a sofa that can complement them. Similarly, if your house décor is contemporary, go for a modern sofa style that will suit the surroundings as well as give you comfort.

7. Do not forget the armrest style: Many people do not consider this as important as the other features of a sofa but it should not be this way. Armrests range from clean-lined angles to winged silhouettes and from oversized/undersized to rolled armrests, there are multiple options to choose from.

8. Cushion seats: This can be considered the most crucial decision, comfort! Cushions come in various sizes and shapes but you need to decide on the perfect, snug, and comfortable seat that will give you the right sink-in feel. Lastly, choose cushion seats that will retain their original shape even after sitting.

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Feeling inspired to go for a sofa hunt? You can purchase your perfect type of sofa or even take a sofa on rent according to your convenience.

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