Tips for Etsy sellers to get the most from the platform

Creative persons like artists and craftsmen can now realize their dreams of monetizing their creations by selling physical and digital products on Etsy, the online marketplace for selling unique handmade items.   

Setting up shop on Etsy is so easy that it might give an impression that doing business online with special products is easy. However, the reality is different because you must set up your online business by knowing how to make money on Etsy. You can only expect to start earning from the business, which encourages you to take the business seriously and implement measures for its betterment.  You need some entrepreneurial skills and a basic understanding of business economics to become a seller on Etsy so that you can take the competition in your stride and move ahead.  

It is not difficult to succeed on Etsy if you have the right attitude and the self-confidence to learn new things and follow the industry’s best practices, as discussed below.

Join the community

The best thing about Etsy sellers is that they realize the importance of helping each other to survive. It creates healthy competition but does not pit sellers against one another. Instead of becoming a seller on Etsy, you become a part of the more extensive community that works for mutual benefits. By sharing advice and tips and providing feedback to sellers, the Etsy community helps sellers reach out to knowledgeable Etsy sellers for guidance to improve sales. The built-in search feature of the platform allows searching for local events of your community in which you can participate. Attending events like pop-up shops and meetups help to spread awareness while networking with other sellers and prospective buyers. 

Focus on SEO

Etsy is not only user friendly but a pro-seller too. The platform provides vast opportunities for sellers to use the platform most effectively for increasing sales. The Etsy platform has enough SEO-friendly features for optimizing the Etsy shop so that it generates a steady flow of organic traffic originating from your website. Proper SEO optimization will help your shop appear prominently in the upper ranks of the search results. Implement the best SEO practices when optimizing your Etsy shop and pay attention to the titles and descriptions that play a critical role in drawing attention. Write the product details immaculately by including all aspects of the specification like color, size, condition, uses, and shipping so that buyers know what they would be getting. Refresh content on your shop periodically as it helps in better optimization and ranking.

Post high-quality photos

Product visualization is critical for selling products online and more so on Etsy that deal with unique products, many of which are one of a kind. Post high resolution photos of high quality on the platform that helps buyers closely look at the products and discover the attractiveness that encourages them to purchase. Take help from professional photographers to take the product photos in such ways that it displays the product from various angles, giving the best understanding of its quality and features.  Besides posting multiple images of products that allow overall viewing of the product, post at least one photo that shows the product in use. 

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Start a blog

The more you can engage with buyers better it is for selling your products. Despite the uniqueness of your products, there would be other sellers offering almost the same items, and you must ensure that your product stands out from the crowd. Start a blog to communicate with customers more elaborately to bring them closer to your business and provide valuable insights that help establish the brand identity.  Besides being informative, blogs are a means of bonding with customers who can better feel about your business and the products. It gives them enough reasons to trust your brand over other brands. Apply the SEO concepts in the blog to help it gain higher visibility and create relevant content for customers that provide answers and solutions to problems they might be facing.

Superior customer service

Buyers look much beyond the products when purchasing as they consider the company and the brand.  How well businesses support customers is critical for buyers who expect continuous support from the company that sells the product.  Buyers take note of all aspects of customer service, from the kind of response they receive to their queries to the kind of support they receive when facing any problems. Ensuring superior customer service by accompanying customers throughout their buying journey and even being with them they purchase the product will generate more confidence and draw them closer to the brand.

To succeed on Etsy, research other successful sellers to understand what works for them so that you can walk along the same lines to get better results. 

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