These are the colors you should use to highlight your tan

There is no magic involved when choosing your tan color, but there are things you can do to add subtle differences. When you are doing your interior design, choose tones that contrast rather than the exact same tone. The reason is that it creates interest in your space. If you have light paint tones, your walls will stand out and will catch attention. On the other hand, dark paint tones will hide windows and small spaces. One great tip for interior design is to make tan an accent rather than the main accent or focal point of your space.


It is a no-brainer, but there are those who forget it. A total white once tanned is a guaranteed winning bet (and a germ of great envy).


Don’t underestimate the power of black in summer. This color will enhance our complexion in any situation, the brown when we have tanned in the sun and the greyish white when the winter months arrive.


Commonly known as “flesh” colors. Any shade below your tan level will highlight your glowing skin on the sand.


Another of the beach staples in its entire range, from intense fire orange to mandarin orange. The bigger your tan, the more saturated the amtices you use can be. Otherwise, a nascent tan mixed with a saturated orange will dull your tone making it look like you’ve just hit the beach. Remember: the shade of orange will be directly proportional to that of your brunette.

The typical color that in winter makes you look decrepit and in summer paints a good face next to your tan. Here it does not matter what tone you take, because as soon as you take color, yellow will be in charge of highlighting it.


Not just any type of green is valid here, the range that highlights the tan is that of the lightest tones: from leaf green to lime green.


The same thing happens in this case, from turquoise to sky blue they will be your best allies. Leaving there and going to the navy does not ensure the same result.


Another of the great forgotten of the summer suitcase, although it experiences a revival thanks to the Millennial pink. It works the same way as oranges: the higher the intensity of the brown, the higher the color saturation.


Any color in its most desaturated hue works to enhance the model. Take your favorite in pastel tone and get ready to raise your tan by two tones.


Another of the safe values ​​of the summer. Of course, as we said, so that in this case the effect is the desired one (highlight the brunette and not turn it off) you must have reached a more or less intense tan tone.

People who are in search of a very pale tone, such as a very pale brown, should consider dying their own skin. If you have light skin, this is actually a great idea since it will give your interior design a much more professional and finished appearance. It will give you the opportunity to add some bronzer, blonder and darker highlights to really bring out the bronze. Dying your own skin gives you control over the color, depth and richness of your color tan.


You want to choose a shade on your color wheel that works for you and your family. If you need a deep brick red tanned home, then go for a dark red. However, if you have light skin, go with a very pale tan color or even a pale pink. Your indoor tan color must be complimentary to your skin tone and must create a warm feeling so that you look relaxed and calm rather than overexposed.

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