The Ultimate Guide on How to Convert Hectare to Bigha

Hectare and Bigha are both measurement units used primarily for large areas. These two units are predominantly used in West Bengal, Bihar, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, and other states. 

In India, several area measurement units prevail in different parts of India. It’s essential knowledge when individuals are looking to buy or sell property in a particular region.  

To simplify this process, individuals should know how to convert one unit to another when it comes to land. Converting hectare to Bigha is one such instance that intending land buyers or sellers often require. 

Besides, such a conversation method is also helpful for those who want to raise funds by collaterising their self-owned piece of land. However, regardless of the purpose, an individual needs to know how to conduct this conversion accurately. 

Steps to convert hectare to Bigha 

1 hectare equals 3.953686105 bighas. Individuals need to know this basic formula to carry out hectare to bigha conversion.

Suppose a plot measures 30 hectares. In Bigha, it will be – 

1 hectare = 3.953686105 bigha

Thus, 30 hectare = 30*3.953686105 bigha = 118.61058315 bigha 

However, the process mentioned above is the conventional way to convert hectares to Bigha. Often, manual calculation provides erroneous results. To avoid that, individuals can simplify and expedite the conversion with a dedicated hectare to bigha converter available online. 

Following are the steps to convert hectare to Bigha using this online calculator. 

  • 1: Measure the exact plot/land unit in a hectare. 
  • 2: Open an online hectare to bigha unit converter. 
  • 3: Enter the hectare measurement and specify the unit in dedicated slots. 

Within seconds, it will show the converted bigha measurement and other popular units as well. Using this converter, individuals can also convert other units following the process of a hectare in Bigha conversion. 

Such online converters are free to use. Almost all leading financial institutions that offer mortgage loans like a loan against property or land let individuals use it without any usage restriction. 

However, only knowing about converting 1 hectare to Bigha is not sufficient. Individuals need to know each of these units in detail. 

What is a hectare?

It is an area measurement unit from the British Imperial system. Now it is a commonly used unit of the metric system in different parts of the world, including India. The symbol of a hectare is ha. Although this unit is used to measure agricultural fields conventionally, it is presently used to measure commercial plots as well. 

While 1 hectare = 3.953686105 bigha, it also equals 100 acres, 10,000 square meters, and the likes. However, note that the units vary from country to country. Interestingly, a hectare can be compared with the size of a football field. 

However, in case of any confusion in understanding this unit’s measurements, you can use a calculator and convert hectare to Bigha or any other metric in seconds. 

Since knowing the current valuation is one of the factors to consider while taking a loan against property or land, this unit conversion calculator helps borrowers determine the loan amount. 

What is a Bigha?

Bigha is another conventional area measurement unit prevalent mainly in Northern India. However, other states like West Bengal, Bihar, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, and Assam also use this unit to measure land area. 

However, this unit is not the same for all the states. It varies with location and land. For instance, while 1 bigha equals 27225 square meters in Haryana, it is 27000 in Uttar Pradesh. 

Therefore, while calculating the area of land or property, you need to keep these aspects in mind as well to derive an exact valuation. 

Knowledge about these area measurement units is one of the first things you need to know before applying for a loan against property. 

However, you should also consider other aspects of this credit to make an informed decision. For instance, select financiers extend pre-approved offers that make loan processing straightforward and quick. Such offers are available on various credit products, such as loans against property and home loans, among others. You can check your pre-approved offer online by entering your name and mobile number. 

This particular secured financing option allows individuals to leverage their land or property’s current equity to secure a substantial loan amount. They can use loans against property to address any considerable financial obligation without incurring a high borrowing cost. 

Therefore, it is crucial to know different land measurement units in India so that you can compare varying land dimensions before buying or pledging one. Nevertheless, for more accuracy and precision, you can also use an online calculator. It helps convert hectare to Bigha and vice versa in just a few simple steps. 

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