The importance of brand colors in digital marketing

Color is an important element of digital marketing. The palette you put together may make or break the user experience. It helps to know a little about color psychology. Certain colors and color combinations have a unique effect on the people who see them. Here’s a brief glimpse into what mood or vibe each color may represent:

Red – Excitement and passion

Orange – Movement and energy

Yellow – Warmth and happiness

Green – Growth and calmness

Blue – Trustworthiness and reliability

Violet or Purple – Wealth and luxury

Black, White, and Gray – Impact and professionalism

Brown – Wholesomeness and elegance

Putting together the right color scheme

If you are putting together a palette for your brand, meaning a set of two or more colors, you must understand how color schemes work to help you choose the right combination of colors. Here are three of the most common:


This is a set of colors that are beside each other in a color wheel. Say you want red as one of your colors. You will then choose red-orange and orange as your additional colors.


This set involves one base color and the shades you come up with when you change its lightness and saturation. 


These are three colors that are opposite each other in a color wheel, forming a triangle if you connect their positions. The colors involved are often bright and contrasting.

Why are brand colors important in digital marketing?

Makes your brand easier to identify

If you have a chosen color palette that you use in your logo, posters, and ads, people who see them will soon get familiar with it. So much so that, when they see such colors, they would immediately associate it with your brand.

Helps connect emotions to your content

The brand colors you choose are often incorporated into the content you post. Whether it involves a photoshoot for poster ads or videos created in an online video editor, you have to understand what emotional reaction your colors will generate to be able to achieve the effect that you want. If done right, you may just cause enough impact to capture your audience’s attention well enough to make them want to support your brand.

Helps attract the right audience

There are certain colors that work well with specific groups of people. Pink may attract young girls more while older women may like blue more. Younger men prefer blue, green, and black while older men tend to lean into purple shades more. It’s important that you study what will work with your target audience based on their age, gender choice, genre, and industry.

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Makes your page or website look more put-together

Imagine going to a website where every webpage has a different set of color schemes. Quite confusing, right? You may even forget what website you are at. Most companies create a website with a theme to make it look more appealing and memorable. You may incorporate your brand colors in your headings, borders, logo, infographics, images, and more.

The power of color

Oftentimes, people think that color is just there for extra aesthetics and to liven things up a bit. But choosing the right color palette for your chosen color scheme is an essential element in digital marketing strategies. Make sure to choose colors that best represent your brand. Remember, your viewers are visual creatures and you would want to make as much impact as humanly possible.

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