Techpally Tips to getting Free Quality Backlinks

A backlink is the number one factor for ranking websites in most search engines, this is the fact that not many marketers want to admit.

Targeting low keywords, quality design of your website, schema data, the fast loading speed of web pages, writing long quality content are all good for promoting your brand, but without quality backlinks to your website, your chance of ranking high is low, says techpally experts.

However, building backlinks is expensive, and the difficult part of it is that you’ll need to build backlinks to your website continually in other to stay relevant in the business.

Having said this, building backlinks is only difficult for beginner webmasters. 

Once you’ve built a quality backlink profile, have tons of ranking articles you’ll be getting backlinks to your webpages freely on autopilot.

If you don’t have the budget for building links, here are some of the ways to get backlinks to your website free.

Unlinked mentions

Not every mention of your own website (or company) is also provided with a link.

Once you start contributing to topics that are related to your industry, either on your website or on social media, there are people that will quote you or reference your website without linking to your web address, business ally.

Search engines take note of these references and mentions but getting backlinks from those mentions is better. 

Therefore, you should search for your website or company name and then kindly write to the websites that only mentioned you but did not link to you. That brings in a few backlinks.


Even though social networks have become very popular and forums are less used this day, there are still well-moderated forums that are also focused on your industry.

You can often find good forums, especially on special topics, let’s say Tech, Health or Pets. 

Here you can actively participate and at least leave a backlink in your own profile. 

You have to be very careful with this since many forum admins do not allow beginners to leave links in their profile or within a post, says business ally boss.

To avoid your account being deleted, you should participate in as many forums as possible randomly, then after one or two months, you can add your link.

Facebook Group

forums still exist and are good, but many more people are now exchanging ideas in Facebook groups.

You can find one or more groups for almost every topic, just search for groups where discussions are centered on your industry, and join those groups.

Anyone who actively participates here can also get a backlink when the opportunity arises, says Akin chatty. And of course, you can start your own group yourself.

Make sure you join groups that have millions of members, and don’t post links often so when you do, members can respect the link you share and they will want to share it on their other groups and websites.

Document Sharing Sites

Websites like or allow PDFs or other documents to be made available online.

There are other document-sharing sites where you can convert your web pages to ebooks and publish them.

You can get backlinks from writing the details of the document you’re sharing and you can also insert your link in the document you share.

Blog Comments

This method is certainly old and it doesn’t really help much anymore but you can still get good backlinks if done right. 

Every now and then, it is definitely worth leaving a good comment that is worth reading, especially when done on popular websites that allow comments.

You don’t only get backlinks from commenting, you also get exposure, and some comment plugins allow you to share your comments on social networks.

Finding broken backlinks

Many websites no longer exist or at least many links on the Internet are no longer correct, for example, because the URL has changed, the page has been deleted, or the domain has expired. 

Therefore, it is very worthwhile to search through well-ranking pages in your own niche for dead backlinks. 

For example, browser add-ons such as Broken Link Checker can be used for thi. Ten write to the website operator, inform him of the broken link and give him an alternative (your own website or a suitable subpage).

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