Tanzanite: Explore Ocean-Inspired Jewelry Pieces

Tanzanite is a very rare and beautiful gemstone. It is found in Tanzania, after which its name is given, near the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro. The gemstone is very special because of its pleochroism effect. This December gemstone has various health benefits which include clearing of throat and tongue, rectifying skin disorders, enhancing the immune system, etc. In this article, we will find a few heart-throbbing Tanzanite jewelries. 

Tanzanite Ring

  • Tanzanite Band Ring


This dazzling Tanzanite band ring is modeled after the circle’s beauty and completeness. Dual rows of round-shaped Tanzanite gemstones are placed superbly in this stylish band ring to give a touch of sophistication to your look. This gemstone ring has the grace and charm you need every day, set in a sterling silver frame.

  • Tanzanite Floral Ring


This Tanzanite floral cluster ring is brimming with the grace of nature-inspired design, sparkling with vibrant shaped gemstones. The oval and pear-shaped gemstones are held in place by shared prongs. The smooth shank that holds the gemstones completes the look. 

  • Tanzanite Band Ring in Platinum

The beauty and perfection of the circle are mirrored in this Tanzanite ring. The marquise-shaped Tanzanite gemstones set wonderfully in this stylish band ring lend a touch of sophistication to your outfit. This gemstone ring has the grace and charm that you require every day, set in a sterling silver frame with a platinum finish.

  • Tanzanite and Polki Diamond Ring

This Tanzanite ring features a cluster of polki diamonds that is inspired by mosaic art, giving it a striking and fashionable appeal. This ring is constructed of sterling silver and platinum plated and features fancy-shaped polki diamonds. This Tanzanite ring is a must-have for those who want subtle splendor with artistic appeal.

Tanzanite Earrings

  • Tanzanite Drop Earrings

As you dazzle your looks with this stunningly exquisite pair of drop earrings, relish every moment of attention. The spectacular earrings will add a splash of violet-blue and sophistication to your outfits. Gemstone’s intriguing dance of color as lighting and orientation change captivating like no other. These lovely pieces are fashionable and appropriate for any occasion.

  • Tanzanite Flower Earrings

A floral motif, specifically the Chicory flower, inspired these Tanzanite earrings. The arrangement of marquise cut gemstones in this dangling earring is gorgeous and energetic. For weddings and special occasions, this piece of jewelry is a must-have.

  • Tanzanite Stud Earrings

These Tanzanite earrings are delightful jewelry pieces inspired by the triad of life: past, present, and future. This decoration represents a meaningful triad, with positive memories of the past, best experiences of the present, and a vision for the future. These earrings will make you stand out from the crowd at parties and special occasions.

  • Tanzanite Lever Back Earrings

These enticing Tanzanite earrings are inspired by vine designs and are sure to brighten your day. The trilliant-shaped Tanzanite in this pair of drop earrings is arranged in an unusual way, reflecting bright colors of nature. These jewelry items can add refinement and style to any outfit because of their appealing design and gleaming frame.

Tanzanite Pendant

  • Tanzanite Pendant over Sterling

Wear this cluster set Tanzanite pendant necklace to radiate your beauty everywhere you go. This magnificent piece of art, made of sterling silver, will turn you into the most captivating diva in your social circle. As a result, be sure to gather this one.

  • Tanzanite Heart Pendant Necklace

This floral heart pendant necklace has a floral motif inspired by a heart design. This Tanzanite pendant necklace is crafted in sterling silver and features thirteen Tanzanite jewels for a stunning and elegant aesthetic. This floral stunner is a lovely piece of jewelry that will go with you to all of your formal occasions.

  • Tanzanite Pendant carved on Silver Sterling

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back if you have extraordinary style. The lovely and elegant carved gemstone pendant is presented to you. This is a wonderful way to include the beauty of a vivid stone into your jewelry collection.

  • Tanzanite and Diamond Pendant Necklace

Have you ever found a piece of jewelry that embodies the love you’re yearning for? This entrancing pendant necklace will smell like forbidden fruit and promise you an eternity of radiance and glimmer. This unique pendant is laced with the unrivaled beauty of Tanzanite and diamond, allowing everyone to be awestruck by your glam style.


Tanzanite Bracelet

  • Tanzanite Tennis Bracelet

The deep, rich oval-shaped jewels in this Tanzanite tennis bracelet are really stunning. This tennis bracelet catches the eye with its glittering shine. Go grab this beautiful Tanzanite bracelet. 

  • Tanzanite and Zircon Bracelet

This bracelet is a beautiful combination of quality and style that is sure to impress. The station bracelet adds a particular charm to your outfits, making them stand out when worn for a party. This bracelet is a wonderful monument to the class that talented designers possess, with the beauty of superior Tanzanite and Zircons.

  • Tanzanite Linked Bracelet

This Tanzanite link bracelet has an unusual pattern that symbolizes motion and is made to fit all of your fashion needs. This Tanzanite link bracelet is made of sterling silver with platinum plating and features several Tanzanite marquise-cut gems set at an angle in the prong setting. This Tanzanite bracelet’s lobster-claw clasp keeps it firmly on your wrist and complements all of your outfits. 

  • Tanzanite Cuff Bracelet

The minimalist aesthetic is reflected in the cuff bracelet. The bracelet’s vibrant colors are highlighted by nine real jewels set in a prong setting. The cuff bracelet is made of a strong metal that will last a long time. The cuff bracelet is packed with vibrant features that showcase the excellent craftsmanship standard. This cuff bracelet’s main feature is the liveliness of colors. The collectibles at a reasonable price are awaiting your attention.

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