PRINCE2® Or PMP®: Which Project Management Certification Should I Choose In 2021?

As a professional project management professional, you continue to look for opportunities to raise your career, and it’s really “normal.” However, let me ask questions here. Is it easy to choose the right way that works well in the ocean opportunity for endless leveling? Not at all, you often wrestle with confusion and need to do a lot of research to find the perfect way. The same applies to professional certification too. We know the vitality and value of their pursuit but you need to do research on finding appropriate certification that helps you to repeat your current project management knowledge and build important skills.

Of course, the most disturbing questions for all management professionals who are aspiring must definitely be clarified. Although PMP® and Prince2® are the top project management certification, there are always dilemmas that apply in the mind management to choose those who can benefit their careers.

PMP® or Prince2®: The main difference

Both PMP® and Prince2® are certifications that stand out and have the same value. They both offer an effective body of knowledge and approach to managing projects but their project management framework is quite different.

Let’s first think of Project Management Professional (PMP) ® certification.

Project Management Project Certification (PMP) ®:

PMP® is highly respected in the world of project management, and this certification is offered by the Project Management Institute (PMI) ® in the USA. Because PMP® is not specific to the industry, you can be flexibly working in any methodology and in any domain. With PMBOK 6th Edition released recently, there are many changes included in the curriculum, and one of the most welcoming is the introduction of agile practices. When you choose this certification exam after March 25, 2018, in addition to getting extensive knowledge of project management techniques and competencies that are very important for project managers, you can also learn about agile methodology. Although courses given by (PMI) ® in the US, have gained great popularity in other parts of the world too.

Project in Controlled Environmental Certification (Prince2®):

Prince2® is a process-based management methodology in which a systematic approach is followed to provide a successful project with clear templates, processes, and steps. Prince2 is owned by Axelos, England and there are two main qualifications in it. Prince2 Foundation certification and Prince2 practitioner certification. Foundation certification is an entry-level credential that helps you get knowledge of the terminology and basic project management methodology, while practitioner certification is advanced and requires the settlement of the foundation level.

Compare Certification (PMP) ® and certification (Prince2®):

We have discussed prerequisites, differences in structure, inspection costs and career prospects in our previous blog article. We hope it has been very useful for you and now, we will see the superiority of each certification and which would be better to choose from in 2019.

Benefits (PMP) ® Certification:

1) When a project management professional holds Certification (PMP) ®, it guarantees a good salary for him. Yes, PMP® certification pays you well and is more suitable throughout the world.

2) PMP® certification is a familiar framework not only in the IT industry but is accepted as a gold standard in various industries. So, you get better recognition in various industries.

3) Project Management Institute (PMI) ® want their certification holders to be better connected with other professionals and share their knowledge to get significant profits. So, this provides a platform that you can connect with other professionals.

Benefits of Certification (Prince2®):

1) If you are a professional management professional who is interested in working in England or having a British client, Prince2 certification is what you should choose.

2) There is a standard approach that has been followed during the procedure, for processes and documentation, and thus eliminates confusion during project implementation.

3) Prince2® gives priority to business cases on the continuity of the project. The alignment of project objectives with business is very important in Prince2®. Therefore, he follows a business-driven approach.

4) We must definitely appreciate Prince2® for a complete and complete project management methodology that removes much congestion and helps in the success of project resolution.

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Which certification will be a better choice in 2019?

When you want to choose between the two project management certifications, first, you need to answer the question below.

“What work are you looking for?” Or “What kind of company do you are looking for or work for?”

PMP® contains many globally accepted processes and techniques that help you evaluate the success of the project, while Prince2® is a methodology than the standard, it provides a more practical approach and step-by-step guidance to regulate and run the project.

1) PMP® project management certification and Prince2® have gained a reputation throughout the world of the arena. However, the United States prefers PMP® and Britain, Australia and other European countries prefer Prince2® while Asia, Africa and the Middle East provide the same preference for both.

2) When we compare the salary scale between PMP® and Prince2®Certified Holders, PMP® won the trophy because the PMP® certification holder produces more with an average payment of $ 105,000 per year while an annual salary of £ 50,000 is offered for the prince. ® certification holder, which will score around $ 77,500. In addition, according to the latest report, PMP’s salary will climb in the near future.

As we have seen, these two certifications stand out in the field of project management, and instead of going with aspects of salary you must always ask questions to yourself “certification that suits you?”. After you sort out the priority, I’m sure the answer will be clear.

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