Prepare For the Professional Scrum Master™ Examination and Get the PSM™ Certification

The level I assessment of the Professional Scrum Master™ or PSM™ I can be availed by any individual who wants to authenticate their depth of knowledge in the applications of Scrum as well as its framework. Once you clear the examination, the individual will get the PSM™ I certification that is recognised by the industry. This certification will demonstrate the fundamental level of the individual’s mastery of Scrum. 

If one feels that they already know the methods of applying Scrum within Scrum teams, have a high understanding of the Scrum Guide and have substantial Scrum knowledge, it is not mandatory for them to take the PSM™ course. They can directly sit for the PSM™ I assessment. But you can always find courses to assist you with your preparation for the assessment, from which you will acquire a better understanding of Scrum. We would highly recommend you to attend the Professional Scrum Master™ (PSM™ course) or the Applying Professional Scrum course, both of two days. 

Preparing for the Assessment 

It may be true that the assessment is rather challenging, however, it is not impossible to crack. In order to achieve a passing score, one must prepare thoroughly. It is not enough to take the Open Assessments and read the Scrum Guide alone. Therefore, we suggest the candidates review the following content:

  1. This examination includes topics from various Focus Areas specified by the Professional Scrum Competencies.
  2. There would be questions asking the candidate to interpret the meaning or think about things from the Scrum Guide. On top of that, they would ask how you can apply Scrum within a Scrum Team.
  3. The assessment often selects questions from the Focus Areas, which are listed in the PSM™ I Suggested Reading.
  4.  If you need further help for the preparation of the PSM™ I assessment, you can look into the additional resources offered in the Scrum Master Learning Path.

Assessment Translation

All the assessments available after the completion of the PSM™ course are in English. However, candidates whose native language is not English can use the Translate Plugin of Google to take the certification examination. 

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Accommodations for Intellectual or Physical Disabilities

The PSM™ I assessments take the consideration of intellectual or physical disabilities very seriously. The examinees assess all the cases individually. 

In order to see the breakdown on people currently holding the PSM™ certification, one can search the names of Professional Scrum Master™ certification holders. does not reveal data regarding the specific question you have answered incorrectly or correctly, in order to protect the virtue of the process of certification. A hundred and fifty USD is the cost of PSM™ I. The password for the assessment stays valid till used, does not expire, and can only be used once. Clearing the PSM™ I examination will get you a PSM™ I logo and the PSM™ I certification recognised by the industry. You can use them to recognise your achievement.

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