New World Housing Guide: How to Create the Perfect Home

Everybody yearns for a place that they could call home, and they can easily get just that in New World.

One of the best things about playing MMORPGs is that they can create a home of their own. What with all the mystical and undead baddies out there in New World, a player’s character still needs a home where they can unwind. The housing feature in New World is perfect for players that are looking for a chance to settle down amidst the tumultuous world of Aeternum. Getting a house isn’t anything new these days; owning one is essentially a part of every MMORPG experience. Plus, who wouldn’t want to have a place called home that they could return to after they’re done with all their questing and adventuring? Thankfully, there’s a relatively robust housing system in New World in which every player ought to be able to find and purchase a house that suits their preferences and needs accordingly. So for those that are looking for a house to store their New World coins and New World items in, let’s get cracking!

The Benefits of Owning a House

For those that are just new to the MMORPG genre, they might be wondering why the heck would they want to purchase a house inside a game. Well, there are several key benefits that they’d get when owning a house such as having extra inventory for their New World items, but one of the most prominent benefits has to be the ability to fast travel.

Player houses in New World serve as a recall point for the player that owns the said house. This means that they can fast travel to their home from anywhere in the world asap. The world of Aeternum is sprawling, and with the map being ginormous, having certain points on the in-game world that players can teleport to is key to being able to do things more efficiently. This, in turn, decides where to put one’s house becoming more important. Players can choose to purchase a house at every corner of the map should they want to cover a lot of ground. They can also put a house up at a high-level area and another one in a city that has a busy trading post to have easy access to the town after they’ve done a bit of farming session. Whatever their choice is, there’s no reason for players not to own a house unless they’re flat broke.

Requirements for Purchasing a House

There are certain criteria that players first need to reach before being able to buy a house in New World. First, they’ll need to reach a certain settlement standing. Since Housing unlocks when a player reaches level 10, they will need to take a settlement perk before being able to buy a property in the area that they desire. Should a player want to purchase a higher-tier property, they’ll need to increase their standing even further.

Of course, players need to have the money ready as well. Players can easily farm New World coins in the Trading Post if they’re looking to fund their first house purchase in the game, but otherwise, there are other farming methods that they can do as well. When they have the required amount of money, they can simply walk into the house and purchase it. They also have the option to walk into the place and have a look around before committing to the plunge should the player have second thoughts.

There are certain level requirements that players need to reach before purchasing a house as well. To get their first house, they must be at least level 15. If they’re looking to get a second house, then they’ll have to be at least level 35. And finally, to unlock the third house, the player must be level 55 or above. 

Different House Tiers

Houses in settlements have tiers, with each tier of the houses coming at a different cost and set of benefits that the player will receive. The most expensive option will give the greatest benefits.

The TIER 1 houses cost 5,000 New World coins and have a house fast travel cooldown of 4 hours. Players can only have a maximum of 1 storage piece of furniture allowed, as well as 5 pets. TIER 1 houses can only hold up to 4 lights as well and require a territory standing of level 10 or higher.

The TIER 2 houses, on the other hand, cost 10,000 coins and have a house fast travel cooldown of 3 hours. 2 pieces of storage furniture are allowed and players can have up to 6 pets. TIER 2 houses can hold 6 lights maximum and will require a territory standing of at least level 15

Meanwhile, the TIER 3 houses cost 15,000 coins, with a house fast travel cooldown of 2.5 hours. Players that have TIER 3 houses can have a maximum of 3 storage furniture, 7 pets, and 8 lights. Also, players will need to have at least a level 20 territory standing.

Finally, the TIER 4 houses are the most expensive of the bunch, costing about 20,000 coins. With a house fast travel cooldown of 2 hours, it’s the fastest rate players are going to get. It can hold up to 4 pieces of storage furniture, 8 pets, and 10 lights. Just like the requirement for TIER 3 houses, players will need to have a level 20 territory standing or higher.

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The great thing about finding a home in New World is that players can truly make it their own. By using certain New World items such as decorations, they can jazz it up into whatever style that they’re gunning for in terms of interior design and ambience. Perhaps the best thing about houses in New World is that the threshold of getting to have one isn’t all that steep–in fact, one would say that it’s downright easy to purchase your first home! What do you think about the housing system in New World? Let us know down below.

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