Leading CDMO Samsung Biologics Continues to Build Partnerships

Contract development and manufacturing organizations provide companies the services they need so that their researchers and developers can spend more time innovating and less time focusing on manufacturing. The partnerships formed by CDMOs like Samsung Biologics and pharmaceutical companies help all these entities to work towards their goals, whether that’s global vaccination or new therapies for chronic diseases. Ultimately, CDMOs have the same vision as doctors, medical researchers, and pharmaceutical companies: to make medicine and treatments more accessible to patients.

After three excellent quarters in 2021, Samsung Biologics added new partners and continued to grow their portfolio of services. The company has added several services in relation to mRNA vaccines and mRNA therapies. Samsung Biologics successfully established itself in the mRNA field, especially in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and its many variants.

Samsung Biologics has not only managed to survive, but has also managed to grow in these difficult circumstances during the pandemic, achieving milestones like obtaining five additional ISO certifications and preparing its manufacturing facilities for future partnerships. 

Creating More Partnerships Along the Way

Samsung Biologics recently added another mRNA contract to its portfolio, boosting its reputation as a CDMO with skills and experience in manufacturing mRNA vaccines. In November, 2021, Samsung Biologics partnered with GreenLight Biosciences to provide fully integrated CDMO services. The CDMO will help GreenLight to manufacture its mRNA COVID-19 vaccine candidate.

GreenLight Biosciences has dedicated itself to making ribonucleic acid (RNA) products available for human health throughout the world. It will work with Samsung Biologics to prepare its COVID-19 vaccine for Phase III clinical trials, regulatory approval, and commercial sales once it’s received the proper certifications and passed its trials.

Samsung Biologics and GreenLight share a vision to create enough vaccines for the entire world and to make those vaccines accessible to others regardless of location or financial state. CEO John Rim stated, “At this time of urgent global demand, we will strive for seamless service across our biomanufacturing network to fight the COVID pandemic and in turn, help make progress towards Korea’s vaccine hub goal.”

Previously, Samsung Biologics partnered with Enzolytics Inc. The company needed CDMO services for their therapeutic treatment for COVID-19, from cell line development, clinical drug substance, and drug product manufacturing services to support IND filings for Anti-HIV and Anti-SARS-CoV-2 monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of HIV and SARS-CoV-2. Furthermore, there will be continuing discussions for other monoclonal antibodies being developed by Enzolytics.

In May, 2021, Samsung Biologics also partnered with Moderna, the creator of one of the world’s most successful COVID-19 two-dose vaccines. Samsung Biologics agreed to provide large-scale, commercial fill-finish manufacturing for mRNA-1273, Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine.

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Preparing More Manufacturing Facilities for Future Partnerships

With the addition of new technology, the company has been able to fulfill customer needs and satisfy its pharmaceutical partners, who rely on the CDMO to manufacture their products. Samsung Biologics has also been adding more facilities to prepare for even more partnerships in the coming years.

Samsung Biologics’ new plant, known as Plant 4, is currently being constructed. The company has set a goal to complete the plant in mid-2023. Plant 4 will need to be operational sooner rather than later in order to fulfill the demands of vaccine manufacturing as well as other CDMO demands.

When it came to the mRNA vaccine, Samsung Biologics had increased its production capacity even more. With the addition of mRNA DS manufacturing to the Songdo facility, which is expected to be completed by the first half of 2022, the CDMO will be able to provide pharmaceutical companies with end-to-end mRNA vaccine manufacturing services, starting with bulk drug substance and ending with aseptic fill/finish, ranging from bulk drug substance to aseptic fill/finish, including labeling and packaging, as well as cold chain storage.

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