Know the best SEO practices of the top SEO expert

The top SEO expert is the need of the hour for any business worldwide, as over 63% of purchases start from online searching. Hence ranking on the front page of search engines like Google and Bing is the top priority for all businesses. But with, the panda and penguin algorithm updates, without doubt, makes it a challenging task, even for seasoned SEO experts. The algorithms have moved SEO to an art form combining content creation, IT, branding, etc., from being a manipulative marketing practice. Though SEO does not give instant results like PPC and other paid campaigns, it is sure a long-term practice that could provide excellent results in the long run.

This article will discuss the many effective SEO practices by top SEO experts for businesses to be on the front page of the SERP or search engine results page. Even being in the second will increase the chances of losing a lot of opportunities.

Why is SEO importance continuously rising?

Unlike traditional brick-and-mortar businesses having retail shops for servicing customers, ecommerce businesses are done online for which the site or app is the face of the company. A decade ago, only 7% of sales were online compared to 93% retail. But from 2020, it is now over 25% for the ecommerce sales to cross 4.2 trillion dollars. Hence all online businesses want to have more visibility and be on the front page of the search engines when consumers search for the keywords. It is easier said than done as the search engine algorithms have many parameters to rank the pages on top of SERP. Hence the importance of SEO or search engine optimization is continuously on the rise. And only the top SEO expert can do it authentically by being Google friendly rather than trying to manipulate it. 

The best SEO practices of a top SEO expert

  1. Focuses on writing blogs by the subject matter authorities in the niche business or service sector for Google to rank them as YMYL or “your money your life” pages to boost the business
  2. Write content on the products or services in demand than the other high-priced products or services for people to know about the cheaper alternatives to buy them without spending much money.
  3. Top SEO experts know the value of blogs as they get more traffic than the home or other pages because they provide valid information to the consumers to read and buy the products or services.
  4. Create out of the box solutions and strategies for keyword searches to find many variations of obscure titles of the search terms to generate more traffic
  5. Use the proper keywords for the rapid rise of organic traffic without spending extra money on the other paid form of traffic generation like PPC and others.
  6. Combine both short term strategies like ads, Google PPC, email marketing, etc. with long term strategies of SEO practices which may start showing results within three months 
  7. Provide continuous best SEO practices to remain on the top of Google’s SERP or search engine result pages to increase visibility and not get lost in the crowd

The above facts and SEO practices will convince anyone to hire the top SEO expert to boost their businesses.

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