How Videos Can Help in Growing Businesses

Once upon a time, a video was a prohibitively costly medium to use. To save money on pricey equipment, people would have to shoot numerous takes of a scene on film and then edit it by hand. Then, after the film was completed, it wasn’t easy to have it released on the internet. The advertiser or the television station generally paid for a commercial or infomercial on television. As a result, video marketing was restricted in its use for the most part.

In recent years, solutions for using video in sales, video creation, and its dissemination have become considerably more straightforward. Not only is it possible to record videos using low-cost cameras, but video editing software is also inexpensive and simple to use. Anybody can broadcast video, whether on their website or a video-hosting service such as YouTube or Vimeo.

Video marketing has become more important in our contemporary life. Because of the ubiquity of video on social media and YouTube, it’s tough to envisage a modern-day marketing plan that doesn’t include video elements. If you are still unsure or need a refresher on the many advantages of video marketing, this piece is for you!

How Video Marketing Aids in the Promotion of a Brand

Providing relevant video content via the appropriate channels is an excellent approach to stand out in a crowded online environment, especially with the high demand for video content. Although the competition to have a video go viral is fierce, you never know when it will become an excellent tool for video marketing.

1. Videos are on High-Demand in Various Medium

Not only do the vast majority of Internet users watch videos, but they actively prefer video material over other modes of information. According to one survey, more than 55% of internet users share videos that they see daily with their friends or family. A video on social media outperforms both email and photos in terms of customer choice.

Social media is no exception to this rule. Most customers prefer to watch videos while using social media. Analysts have found that individuals view 100 million hours of video on Facebook alone every day. As impressive as these stats are, they imply that if your company does not routinely post videos, it loses out on many advantages of video marketing.

2. YouTube to increase brand awareness

YouTube is one of the areas of digital marketing where we see a significant increase in the demand for video content. Although 100 million daily hours of Facebook video may seem like a lot, it is dwarfed by the 1 billion hours of YouTube video seen over the same time. In other words, Facebook is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to social media. Although it may come as a surprise given that many individuals use YouTube to unwind after work, the worldwide hours are so high is not unexpected either.

YouTube videos can also serve as a feedback channel. Whether posted on a page or as an ad, these videos open communication channels between the company and its target market. Like most social media platforms, comment sections are raw channels where anonymous and identifiable customers can leave comments. It has been used to change the direction of entire projects, from product design to the details of custom boxes and packaging. This access to real-time feedback makes marketing campaigns more targeted.

Even though many of us do not see the relationship, YouTube is technically a social media network. With approximately 2.3 billion monthly users, it is the second most popular social network behind Facebook, representing roughly half of all people using the internet.

3. Communicate with Decision-Making Personnel

It is always a struggle to raise brand awareness among executives and decision-makers in any industry. Solutions for using video in sales come into play in this situation. Because management-level professionals are often overburdened with their primary responsibilities, they frequently find it beneficial to take a vacation from all of the reading. Videos allow people to absorb information better while putting less pressure on their eyes. Perhaps this explains why 59 per cent of senior executives choose video material over text content when presented with a choice on the same page. This secondary dissemination is a significant advantage in the never-ending competition for eyes, and it should not be overlooked.

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