How can you Make Custom Packaging More Sustainable?

Packaging is the most important for every product to make them clean from dust and other impurities. New products are invented every day, and the usage of packaging also increases. As the packaging of the products increases, it is directly proportional to the wastage. So the wastage of the packaging materials also increases. According to the research, over 30% of the total US population material is wasted every year. Not only that, approximately 34.5 million tons of plastic was wasted, and its creation and recycling are too harmful to the environment. Because when plastic is subjected to create or recycle, it produces harmful gasses that damage the ozone layer, and in recent years, it was recorded that one-third ozone layer is left of the total. The decomposition rate of plastic is 400 to 1000 years which is too long. To control these issues, the government has restrained the public from using plastic. Nowadays, sustainable packaging is used, and the government orders the use of sustainable packaging, which is decomposable and eco-friendly. To overcome this situation, companies use eco-friendly boxes and packaging. Many companies are using custom packaging which is eco-friendly and attractive. 

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Why do you need Sustainable Packaging?

As we know, we all are suffering from ozone depletion. So the use of plastic is restricted by the government. We are trying to convert plastic packaging into sustainable packaging. Sustainable packaging has no harmful effect on the environment, and it can be easily recyclable and created. That is that you need to pack your products in sustainable packaging. Customer behavior also changes now they want to use green packaging. Custom boxes manufacturing companies use sustainable packaging for their customers and play an important role in rescuing the world. Due to COVID-19 pandemic disease, public interest changes to sustainable packaging because of recycles and decomposable. 

Try to Understand the Life Cycle of Packaging

To understand the life cycle of packaging, you need to understand where your packaging material starts its journey and where it’s come to an end. For example, your packaging journey starts from manufacturing to decomposition or is subjected to recyclable through the end-user or your product consumers. 

From Where you Get Material: There are three types of material used for the packaging one is newly manufactured or fresh, the other is used or partially recycled, and the last one is the 100% recycled. 

In the new or fresh material, this material is not used commonly because this fresh material comes from natural resources. So you also have to save your natural resources. Before making material from natural resources, the first thing is to consider the origin of that material. 

The most common material used for the packaging is partially recycled or 100% recycled material because it can save your natural resources. 

Where Material Ends: When the packaging material is manufactured, then the product is packed in the packaging boxes and sent to the customer. The customer will give importance to the product, they may also give importance to the packaging if it is attractive. In this case, some of the packaging materials are decomposed by the customer, but the left material is which companies may find from landfill sites. Wastage would be separated and then subjected to recycling.  

Select Long Lasting Material

Long-lasting material means a material does not damage in a single use. It has a quality that can be used after recycling. In another way, your packaging should be long-lasting so that it can protect your product for a long time. To solve this problem, high-quality materials are used for the packaging. Corrugated and paperboard are used for the manufacturing of the custom boxes, these materials are eco-friendly and recyclable. 

If we talk about sustainability, the first thing that comes to mind is durability and eco-friendly. So your box material should be 100% recyclable and durable so that it can also protect your product as well. 

Choose Accurate Size Packaging that Reduces Waste

If you are packing your products in large size packaging boxes, then you are wasting your money. If you want to make your packaging luxury for your luxury product, but if you use large size boxes for every product, then it will be too costly for you. For the shipping purpose, it costs you more because shipping cost depends upon the product weight and physical size as well. Hence, the product weight increases similarly, the packaging size is also extended, which will result in cost you more. Use the small size custom boxes that are suitable to your product and the product fitted in the box. It can also help products to secure from damages. 

Before Buying Bulk Quantity Order Get Sample First

If you are placing an order of custom printed boxes, you have to order its sample first. Place your product in packaging boxes and solace about your packaging, that if there is any fault observed in the packaging, you can redress your packaging. It can save your cost as well as your customer’s trust. 

Avoid Use Extra and Unnecessary Material

As we discussed in the upper section, using large size boxes may increase your cost to the material as well as in the printing. Use small size boxes. In fact, for the purpose of shipping, do not use extra boxes to pack your product boxes. Use quality boxes so that a single box has a quality that can protect your product. Instead of using the inserts that have printed the same information as printed on the custom boxes, do not use inserts. Just print your brand information on boxes. 

Go for Reusable and Multi-Purpose Packaging

Design that packaging which attracts the customer. Your packaging boxes should be reusable and recyclable so they can be eco-friendly. Not only that, it can be used for other purposes. For example, the gable boxes can be used as a bucket. So the gable box is a multi-purpose box. Another example of reuse of packaging is that your cold drink packaging can also be used for refilling other liquids. You should also design that type of boxes. There are a lot of custom boxes designs that you can order from the website, which is 100% recyclable and eco-friendly.

Show your Sustainability Efforts by printing it

If you are using eco-friendly custom boxes, they should be shown in your packaging. Not only printing logos of 100% recyclable or green packaging but also your packaging should have that quality. It should be durable and protective as well. Design your custom boxes with a good quality material because your packaging reflects your brand in front of the customer. 

Create Awareness about your Packaging

Create awareness that your product packaging is recyclable. You can convey your message that the packaging is recyclable and should be thrown in a recyclable bin. The other idea for creating awareness you can print recyclable logos on your custom boxes. Recyclable messages or logos help in recycling your packaging, and it can be reused.

Conclusion: Use sustainable packaging for your products, avoid using large size boxes because it is a waste of material. Using recyclable packaging has a positive effect on the atmosphere and environment. Your custom boxes should not only be recyclable it also should be durable so they can protect your products. 

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