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Did you know that if your business isn’t listed on Google, 90% of local searchers probably won’t find it? That’s why having a complete and accurate listing for your business is so important. It can help with everything from finding new customers to gaining valuable insights about the people interacting with your business online.

The good news is that claiming your free listings on Google is fast, easy, and best of all – FREE! This post will walk through everything involved in creating or claiming your business profile.

If you don’t know how to get it done, it’s a smart move to hire a professional digital marketing company and get started with them. You can opt for their local citation services that will list your local business on Google within hours.

Why opt for a local business citation service?

A professional digital marketing company will help you with everything involved, from verifying your business information to ensuring that it’s consistent across major directories and social media channels.

In addition, they can offer you a list of local keywords that are related to your service area – these are the search terms people use when looking for a business like yours. You can combine those relevant keywords with your business name and logo to create a strategy for attracting new customers.

Hiring a professional local citation services provider company can be especially beneficial if you’re just getting started with local SEO. While it’s easy to claim your free business listings on Google, Yelp, and many other directories – there are some that can cost extra money or take more time to get set up.

Benefits of getting visible on Google’s listing

Below are some of the competitive benefits of getting listed on Google and becoming more visible with the organic listing:

More brand visibility:

Google’s local business pages are updated to include the most recent information about your brand. They also have more links back to it for better visibility, so naturally, your business will receive higher click-through rates.

As Google aggregates third-party data from different directories and social media channels, you can trust that your information is accurate across all of them. That way, if someone clicks on your listing then goes to check out one of those sites, they’ll see the same details there as well.

Saves time & money:

Maintaining a consistent brand image across all your online directories is very important. Without proper maintenance, some of that information could be outdated or incomplete at best. At worst, the information on your business profile might even be totally incorrect! That can cause you to lose potential customers while also wasting time trying to fix it.

In addition, visibility on Google means more people are likely to find you organically, so you don’t have to work as hard for high rankings. If you want to attract new customers without breaking the bank – this method is often referred to by digital marketing companies offering local search engine optimization services.

More leads generated:

Having accurate listings with up-to-date contact information available on major directory sites like Google and Yelp means more leads come to your business.

Preferably, people like to shop locally when they’re looking for a service in their area. With an accurate listing visible on Google, you can attract new customers who may not even need to make a phone call or send an email before coming into your establishment. Once you opt for local citation services, the professional company will help you to gain more leads with ultimate ease.

More trust among customers:

Customers like to see consistency in the way a business is presented across all of its major directories, social media channels, and websites.

People are more likely to do business with local companies that they can trust on Google, Yelp, Facebook, etc – these are all very powerful search engines on their own. Best of all – your customers will always have access to your business information regardless of whether you have an office or not. Thus, having an SEO-optimized local listing can help your business attract more local customers.

Better customer interaction:

Visibility on Google not only helps you attract new customers – but it also gives your existing ones a way to easily find you. Your business will be at the top of the list for keywords that are relevant to your service area.

Your local search optimization campaign can allow your business to interact with more customers through online means, especially if they’re asking questions about products or services that are offered. Some companies even offer chatbots that help answer customer inquiries automatically!

Mobile friendly:

The evolution of smartphones has changed the way people use the internet. It’s no longer something they use exclusively on computers anymore. Thanks to mobile devices, people are using their smartphones more frequently than ever before and 79% of smartphone users now go online via their mobile devices.

Even if your business does not have an office, customers can still find you with ease on mobile because of the mobile-friendly nature of Google’s local business listings.

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Wrapping up!

When you opt for a local business citation service, you can gain a competitive edge over your competition both by generating more leads and attracting new clients. In addition, your brand image will be consistent online. It increases customer trust and makes you more accessible to potential customers wherever they may be!

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