Are you that person who rolls their eyes or drops your eyelids every time you hear the word ‘WORKOUT’? Waking up from our bed needs more motivation than actually stepping into our workout mats. You wouldn’t feel energised and find it interesting to work out. Having such feelings in your health journey is absolutely fine. Almost everyone around you might have had the same feelings at least once during their journey. You cannot take control of your feelings, rather you have an option to help yourself with a different type of exercise. Here is an absolutely fun way to work out that is suggested by top professional fitness coaches too, which is dance. You move your entire body, thrive your heart rate up, burn calories, and can still enjoy the session. If that sounds interesting to you, keep reading to find what kind of dance workouts can be beneficial for you. 

1. Zumba:

Zumba is a simple dance workout that doesn’t require you to have knowledge about dance. It mostly mimics the movements of cardio workouts like lunges, squats, high knees, etc. at a fast pace. This dance workout targets different muscle groups all over the body and helps you lose weight. Apart from making you shed a few kilos, you can also feel the strength in your lower body when you continue to do a Zumba dance workout for more than months. Ideally, you can do a Zumba dance every evening for 30 to 45 minutes.

2. Freestyle:

This dance style is more of a relaxation session rather than a workout. It doesn’t make restrictions on the movements instead keeps your whole body moving in any style. You can turn your favourite song aloud and get your feet on the floor. Just make any movement according to the vibe of the song. Instead of ideally sitting and wasting time, you can definitely try this freestyle dance to enjoy and work out simultaneously. In this type of workout, it completely depends on you to target the muscles and feel the burn. Make your movements as fast as possible by playing fast beat songs.

3. Belly Dance:

As the name suggests, this dance majorly focuses on the belly area by making you shake your hips throughout the dance. A secondary focus is given to the lower body area such as buttocks, thighs, and hips. This dance involves controlled movements of our belly and requires professional help. While the other dances are a little easy and can be performed even with the help of a YouTube video, this belly dance might require a professional to teach you the movements. This form of dance has proved to improve posture, flexibility, strengthen the core muscles while enabling you to burn calories.

4. Salsa:

This is another dance workout that requires regular monitoring and guidance by a professional. Salsa dance is a perfect choice if you wish to hit those couple goals of becoming stronger together, losing together, etc. You can have more intimate moments and moves with your partner and basically have a better bond. This dance form majorly improves your posture and flexibility by making you bend, twist, and turn around. It looks absolutely gorgeous and romantic when performed at parties. Thus, here you found a way to work out even at parties!

We have tried to curate dance workouts that do not involve many risks and those that can be performed with almost no and little monitoring. If you are more serious about dance workouts, you can try and explore ballet dance, pole dance which helps a lot in weight loss but might cost your life when done without any experience or professional trainer. Try these dance workouts when you feel running on a treadmill is seriously boring. Whenever you feel stuck or lack the motivation to jog, run, or walk, try these dances with your favourite music and stay without any guilt for the whole day as you have already burned the required amount of calories.

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