Creative Wall Ideas That Will Make Your Room Look Artistry

Your room must be a visual representation of your personality and likes. Artistic wall decor is a treat to the eyes and a great conversation starter.  You can create an artist’s abode and let your walls speak for you.

Let’s go through some creative ways in which you can turn your room into artistry.

Artistic Wall Prints

The best way to make your wall art is to hang some art prints—a beautiful canvas with the painted landscape. If you are a fan of particular things, go for geometric patterns. You can hang creative photo prints on canvas of different shapes, sizes, and frames.

Show Your Photography

Show off your photography skills by creating a gallery wall on a wall of your room. Your clicked landscapes, monuments, group photos frame them all to create an exotic wall display.

Woven Paradise

Delicate yet majestic hangings like tapestries, macrame look very soothing. If you love this handmade and love the efforts of talented people, go for this art. You can also hang plants on macrame and accessorize tapestry with wall lights and decor.

DIY Photo Prints

Display your polaroid photo prints. Either hang them from a wooden log with invisible threads and add strings. 

Or you can use an old frame, repaint it and turn the photos with cloth drying clips. Ride this on your walls for a cute personalized touch.


Hang Some Junk

Do you have an old bicycle, a guitar, or wooden shutters? Don’t throw them away. Instead, repaint them to create a beautiful bicycle wall hanging, place a pot near the handle and decorate it with other accessories.

You can also make a guitar as the center of the wall if you are a music fan and add some favorite musicians’ posters.

Make it more artistic with reclaimed wood shutters and doors. Paint them blue or wooden to create beautiful bacf=drop for photo or wall plants.

Go Bold With Murals

Suppose you love or make murals. Take out your equipment and paint the wall with your favorite mural. It can be sizable or a small one. As a mural artist knows no limits, you can show off your skills by bringing your art to your wall room.

Hanging Plants

In a cozy eating area, hang some wall planters on cute small pots. You can also use an old wooden backdrop for hanging pots. Planting makes your room look pretty and goes with an artistic theme.

Bring a backyard touch to the room with wall-attached planters carrying easy-to-grow houseplants like pothos, succulents, or variegated ivy.

Unique Shelving

The Shelving styles are like a tree in which branches are used to keep items look so unique. You can try wall shelving in different shapes, vintage box shelves, or simple floating shelves.

Ledge shelving and placing wall arts look very artistic too. Wall pieces don’t always mean wall mounts; you can put your paintings on the ledge shelves to create a creative piece.

Porcelain wall

If you love to paint walls or are a fan of porcelain patterns and colors, you can use this stylish wall decor example; you can hang porcelain plates on a gallery wall to add colors and texture to your wall.

Beaded hanging

Hang some beads on threads with a wooden log. It looks very artistic and acts as a focal point. You can hang it over your bed.

Metal leaf art

Metal leaf art of ferns and outstanding floral leaves look so incredible. You can frame them and make a gorgeous wall hanging.

Taxidermy, but Vegan

Suppose you are a fan of animal taxidermy but in vegan style. You can make your room look all rustic and country-style with vegan artistic taxidermy. The animal heads are made from synthetic material, and the detailing is all-natural and incredible.

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Wall Sconces

Both practical and good-looking, wall sconces can brighten your space while also working as wall art. Install sconces on each side of a bed, fireplace, shelf, or bookcase.  

Stencil art

Stencils are another simple way to build an artful picture or message. For example, the boundary of sunflowers around a door or a row of stenciled seashells just below the ceiling.

Repeat a stencil design to cover a wall with your desired pattern or add layers of stencils, allowing the paint to dry between layers to build an entire scene. Finally, attach a cut wood stencil to a backdrop and hang it in a frame.

Bonus Wall Decor Ideas

Wall decor concepts are restricted only by your creativity. Try a compilation of small, elegant dusk bags, cowboy hats, or ornamental baskets.

Let’s Wrap it

There are so many ways in which you can turn your room artistic. Pick the styles which suit your passion and turn your space into a creative delight.

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