Consider these crucial aspects while choosing your patio curtains

Drapes and curtains provide privacy and aesthetics and accentuate your existing décor. You can apply this privacy and additional style to your outdoor areas as well. There are a few things to consider while choosing outdoor curtains and hanging them on your patio or deck.

  • Patio curtains come in a plethora of material types and fabrics. They integrate different styles. 
  • Look for weather-resistant and waterproof materials. There are certain materials for spaces that are susceptible to rough weather and rain. 
  • Your patio curtains must blend in with your deck furniture, accessories, and rugs, giving your outdoors a stylish and comfortable appearance. 
  • Textured and plain curtains are a very popular choice. Not every patio needs opulent color splashes or patterns. These designs let Nature’s blessings and beauty shine with single-colored or neutral outdoor curtains. The ones in darker shades can also add character to your outdoor area.
  • Geometric patterns and tripes are also very popular. They render a modern slant. Multi-colored and monochromatic options are viable options.
  • The nature and floral prints, and lightweight, sheer curtains are other great alternatives. 

Underlining the types

Olefin is a prominent synthetic fabric. Its other name is polypropylene. The material is UV-resistant and colorfast. It’s perfect for outdoor spaces that experience a lot of Sun’s rays. Lightweight and soft, olefin fabrics dry fast, giving mildew and mold little time to accumulate. 

  • Acrylic is another prominent fabric for patio curtains. Vibrant stripes and slid colors can thwart fading. It makes acrylic material a viable choice for patio curtains. 
  • Unfortunately, acrylic fabric tends to develop a static charge, invariably attracting fur. They aren’t suitable for homes that have pets.
  • Polyester is less costly than acrylic or olefin. They come in unceasing colors and prints. People love it for its classy drapes. 
  • However, polyester can discolor or fade in direct sunlight after a few years of use.
  • Canvas and cotton are perhaps the most common choices in this regard. These natural fibres dry slowly and are ultra-absorbent. 
  • It means that they often breed mildew and mold, and its colors often bleed or fade. 

In terms of colors, you can go for neutral solids, solids or bold stripes, or botanical prints.

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Three crucial considerations

Regardless of the location of your outdoor curtains, it must block the sun, provide privacy, and enhance the ambience or mood of the area.

  • If privacy is your chief concern from bugging street viewers and passersby, or honking cars and bright lights, you need your patio to become a private, separate, and extended room divider. 
  • A heavier fabric can protect your area from all the disturbances throughout the day. If you crave serenity and seclusion, you can choose heavy fabrics.
  • They provide a cloistered appearance of a secret patio spot. Avoid transparent and thin curtains.
  • If you find the amour of French cafes too enchanting or want to replicate the mystic feel of Arabian Lawrence, get a sheer material. 

You can get that sense of mysticism and mystery with these curtains. The gossamer, flowing patio curtains can set a great mood. However, make sure they are durable.

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