CDMO Samsung Biologics Expanding mRNA Vaccine Production Capability

With the rise of the COVID-19 global pandemic, medical developments around treating COVID-19 and similar viruses have been commercialized from the leading pharmaceutical companies and research projects. The mRNA vaccine technology offers great versatility, rapid production and design, and protection against infectious diseases. The new normal in medical technology includes mRNA vaccine production, an area highly sought after by any biopharmaceutical manufacturers and contract development and manufacturing companies (CDMOs). 

Samsung Biologics, a leading CDMO respected for its quality products and efficient manufacturing practices, took action. In response to the rising demand for mRNA vaccines, particularly when it comes to COVID-19, Samsung Biologics made plans to add a new suite dedicated to mRNA Drug Substance manufacturing in its main facility. Part of this plan comes on the heels of the company’s announcement that it will work with Moderna, one of the leading developers of the COVID-19 vaccine commonly used throughout the world.

Announcement with COVID-19 Vaccine Creator Moderna

In May 2021, Samsung Biologics made a deal with Moderna, a biotech company who developed an mRNA vaccine to prevent the further spread of COVID-19. Moderna has one of the rare Emergency Use Authorized mRNA vaccines with proven data of its effectiveness against the COVID-19 virus. This vaccine has already been used around the world. Studies have even found that the Moderna vaccine is more effective against the deadly COVID-19 delta variant that has caused havoc in many countries. 

Samsung Biologics will provide large-scale, commercial fill-finish manufacturing for Moderna’s COVID-19 vaccine, mRNA-1273. In order to get the world back on track, vaccines for everyone are necessary to prevent any more deaths from occurring. 

“This vaccine is paramount to people around the world in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, and we truly appreciate our client Moderna for entrusting and choosing to partner with Samsung Biologics for the fill and finish of this important vaccine,” said John Rim, CEO of Samsung Biologics. “Due to the high level of urgency in supplying the vaccine to the global population, we have set immediate action plans and schedules to make mRNA-1273 available for commercial distribution in the early second half of 2021.”

The mRNA Vaccine and Technology

The mRNA vaccine is one of the newest developments in the medical world that can help prevent contagious viruses like COVID-19. It has been proven effective against the virus, preventing and lessening the effects of any breakthrough cases. According to the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC), messenger RNA vaccines trigger an immune response by teaching cells to make proteins that resemble the COVID-19 virus. The immune response then creates antibodies to prevent the human body from getting sick when the real virus enters the body, and companies like Moderna and Pfizer have created an mRNA vaccine for COVID-19 with much success based on this mechanism.

CDMOs like Samsung Biologics offer crucial services to companies like Moderna during a time where vaccines literally save lives. They streamline the production process and duplicate the formula for vaccines perfectly, allowing patients to take advantage of a quality product that was perfectly produced in a sterile environment. The company also offers cold chain storage as well as packaging service so that these vaccines will be properly stored and shipped as needed. 

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Keeping Up with Medical Progress

The biopharmaceutical industry doesn’t just rely on progress in the medical world to stay relevant. Patients rely on new developments and the ability of companies to adjust to those new developments in order to stay alive and well. Every move to advance means that more people can take advantage of modern technology to protect themselves in the coming years against whatever else nature brings.

“We will look beyond the next decade,” CEO John Rim said, “and evolve as the global top-tier biopharmaceutical company by securing future growth engines with continued investment and expansion in capacity, portfolio, and global footprint.”

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