Bringing These Plants In Your House Means Bringing Good Luck Home

Aside from cleansing the air in your house and alleviating tension, these lucky indoor plants are thought to regulate the water element, which aids in the displacement of bad energy. Because we’re spending more time at home due to COVID, why not bring some much-needed good luck into our home.

Money Plants

Money plants provide an abundance of positive energy in nature, and as the name implies, they bring money and good luck. According to traditional Chinese thinking, the best results are obtained when the plant is planted after one of the dominant climber sprigs has been stolen. It doesn’t take up much of your time because it’s a low-maintenance plant. It thrives in both soil and water.

In the summer, water the pot once a week, while once every two weeks is sufficient in the winter. Aside from delivering good fortune and money, it also harmonizes human existence with the environment. Because of its deep roots and rapid growth, this plant exudes good energy.

The clustered leaves of the money plant have smooth and round edges, which is a positive sign so order money plants online for your home.

Boston Fern plant

Boston ferns help to generate a positive atmosphere in your home. It’s an excellent trailing plant for your bathroom or on top of a bookcase. Boston ferns prefer direct, bright sunlight. Maintain a moist atmosphere for it and ensure that the soil is continually moist.

Remove any dead fronds from the plant on a regular basis to promote healthy, lush, and green growth. Clean, sharp shears should be used to cut stems at the soil line.

Peace Lily

Peace lilies are an excellent addition to any area for cleaning the air and instilling a sense of calm. According to Feng Shui, peace lilies help to bring good luck and fortune. Its graceful broad green foliage and stunning white blossoms contribute to the creation of a pleasant environment in any room.

Peace lilies are sometimes referred to as a “good luck plant for cleaning the air.” Peace lilies prefer low light levels and require little care. They are also a fantastic complement to business environments because they grow well in artificial light.

Lucky Bamboo plant

In feng shui, lucky bamboo represents good fortune and prosperity. It is thought that the number of stalks in the arrangement determines the luck linked with this plant. One stalk, for example, indicates unity. Two stalks represent love. Three stalks symbolize happiness, fortune, and longevity.

In addition, seven stalks indicate excellent health. Lucky online bamboo plants is also simple to maintain. It may grow in water or soil and needs bright, indirect light as well as a warm environment to thrive.

Jade Plant

According to Feng Shui, plants with rounded leaves offer good prosperity. With its lush, round, plump leaves, the jade plant serves as a gateway to fortune and success. Because of its significance, it is frequently given to new business owners, but the jade is also ideally suited to living by your front entrance.

A jade plant can live for decades and grow into a small tree in the appropriate conditions. These hardy succulents require little care, making them an excellent choice for beginners.

For optimal growth, the Jade plant prefers whole light. As a result, place your pot outside at least once a week. While this is not required, it will ensure your plant’s healthy growth.

Basil Plants

Basil, often known as Tulsi, is a holly indoor plant that is commonly found in homes. It has a variety of mythological and religious meanings.

The basil plant eliminates negativity and attracts positivity. Generally, the plant is kept on the balcony. It is thought that meditating in front of a basil plant might help you achieve inner calm.

Tulsi is known in Indian mythology to be an avatar of the goddess Lakshmi, and tulsi leaves are used in pooja. Being an outside plant, Tulsi requires a lot of sunlight, so it’s best if it’s grown in front of the house or the courtyard, just how it used to be.

Now that you have made it through the list consider bringing these plants home and welcome good luck and fortune in your lives.

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