Amazon product photography- Effective tips to increase conversions on your listings

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Amazon Product Photography – Effective tips to increase conversions on your listings
1. Focus on Photography, Not Just Photoshop: Photoshop is not a miracle and cannot fix poor photography. Conduct good photography sessions rather than using too much photoshop.
2. Create Stunning Lifestyle Images: Help buyers see themselves using the product. Sell a lifestyle, not just products!
3. Let Your Main Image do the Talking: The main image is the first thing buyers see. A stunning main image leaves a lasting impression on buyers. 
4. Storytelling: Create a story with visuals. Showcase the bigger picture involved with the product.  
5. Fill Every Spot: Upload seven listing images on Amazon. Take up all the spots to display every feature of the product.
6. High-Definition Images: Low-quality, blurred images will not work on Amazon. You need top-quality and high-definition images. Get the best photographer and also make graphics designers use HD images. 
7. Minimal Text: Provide only a word or two to complement the visual reference. Listing images are for visuals, not excessive text!
8. Testing: Try different variations of listing images. Never be too satisfied with conversions! So, keep exploring to find the best combination of Amazon listing images. 
9. No Silly Errors: Silly errors make sellers look like amateurs. Do not lose respect in front of buyers. Show them that you are a professional!


Amazon Product Photography Tips for Increasing Conversions


Throwing a random listing image assortment does not guarantee success. The best product photography practices yield the best results. Following our tips will surely help you to increase conversions. Every product listing on top of the search results has high-quality images. It shows how big of a difference listing images can make in sales. Pay close attention to these tips and separate yourself from the competition! Captivate consumers through best visual references and help them to see your product value. 

Amazon Product Photography Tips to Increase Conversions

Focus on Photography, not just Photoshop!

Photoshop is not magic, but photography can be magical! No one should rely on photoshop to fix flawed raw images. Focus on photography sessions rather than relying on photoshop. Too much image editing destroys the entire visual look. It makes it look fake and unrealistic. Buyers do not like those kinds of visuals. They are not on Amazon to look at poorly edited products. Hire the best photographers alongside the graphics designers. Get the best of both worlds with these professionals. Take high-definition photos and use minimal editing. It will give a natural look to the images.


  • Photoshop is not magic, and excessive photoshop destroys image quality. 
  • Focus on photography sessions rather than putting all the burden on graphics designers.
  • Minimal editing with high-quality visuals is a formula for success.

Create Stunning Lifestyle Images

Lifestyle images are like mirrors for clients. Show them the real-life use of the product. Buyers want a similar experience as the model in the lifestyle images. It helps them to see how they would look while using the product. More importantly, lifestyle photography puts life in the products. People always want to imagine how their life would be with the product. Thus, lifestyle images are necessary for increasing conversions. Sometimes, a single lifestyle image can convince buyers to make the purchase.


  • Create appeal through lifestyle visuals.
  • Let the buyers imagine themselves as product users.

Let Your Main Image Do the Talking

The main image is the shining star of any product listing. It is the first visual of the product anyone sees in the search results. First impressions are the last impressions. You have to show your product in the best way possible! Spend 50% of your time curating the best main image strategy and 50% on the rest of the listing images. The first look creates a bias in the minds of buyers. Sellers need to take full advantage of human psychology. Work with the designers and photographers to create a stunning white background image. Ensure that you use up all the free space. Utilize at least 85% of the white space. These efforts will convince buyers and increase conversions. Buyers may not even read the entire product description if they love the first look.


  • Spend the most time on the main image out of all the listing images.
  • Use at least 85% of the space to show the product.


Tell a story with visuals. Do not make the mistake of using plain background images. Visuals speak much louder than words. Sell a lifestyle, not just the product. Involve customers in your creative thought process. Show them how the product will improve their lives. You can tell a five-minute oral story in a single visual reference. There is nothing more convincing for a buyer than a good brand story. Thus, tell everyone about your brand with stunning visuals.


  • Create a story to show your product value.
  • Tell your buyers what you will add to their life.

Fill Every Spot

Don’t make yourself look like an amateur! There are countless listings on Amazon with only 2-3 images. Your conversions will surely suffer if you don’t put up product images. Generic product images are not going to cut it on Amazon. You should have high-quality lifestyle and infographic product images. Coordinate with product photographers to create different settings for pictures. It will help buyers to see every angle of your product. Infographic images are informative, while lifestyle images portray real-life settings. So, make full use of the seven-image limit. Showcase your product from various angles. It will help customers to learn more about the product. As a result,  they will feel confident in their choice. Thus, more visuals directly lead to more conversions.


  • Use all seven image slots.
  • Upload lifestyle and infographic images.
  • Don’t just show your product; display how it works in a lifestyle setting.

High Definition Images

Image blur is unacceptable on any of the images. Make sure graphics designers are working with high-definition images. A perfect and competent photographer ensures that products are clean during the shoot. However, many buyers are lazy and do not check their listing images. Many product videography and photography sessions are flawed due to technical reasons. In such a case, graphics designers cannot save the sinking ship. So, capturing high-definition images makes a huge difference in conversions.


  • Hire one of the product photography services that know how to capture and edit high-definition images.
  • Avoid blurred images or unclear pictures.

Minimal Text

More visuals and less text lead to more conversions. Buyers will not spend 10-15 minutes reading the product description. A single image can tell them more than a paragraph of text. Thus, listing images should have minimal text. Display the product and show its features. Don’t just describe everything in the listing image. Summarize the image contents in one or two words. However, the text also depends on the product. Complex items do require more instructions than others. In any case, the textual description should not take up too much space in images. Listing images are perfect for the visual aspects of the product. You are not correctly using the image slots if you fill them with text!


  • Don’t put too much text into images.
  • Listing image space is reserved for visual references, and you should not fill them up with walls of text.
  • More visual elements, minimal explanation. 


It does not matter how good the listing images are, as there is always room for improvement. Try other options and see their conversion rates. Compare results with hard facts and statistics. If the visual looks good to you, it does not mean everyone will like it. So, test many combinations of images. Observe the ones that are bringing in the most revenue. Never stop testing listing images, even if you are satisfied with the conversions.


  • Keep investing in listing images. Try different variations and see which one is creating more conversions.
  • There is no perfect combination. So, keep changing images as per their performance.

No Silly Errors

Buyers pay attention to the little details. A spelling mistake or visual error can leave a poor impression on clients. As we talked about it above, first impressions are lasting. So, these silly errors make you look unprofessional. Sellers must review listing images before uploading them on Amazon.


  • Review the images many times before uploading.
  • Ask photographers and designers to review the images too.

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Visuals do 50% of the work on Amazon, while 50% rely on content, marketing, and other aspects. These tips will help you ensure that your product photography is on point. However, you also need the best Amazon services to follow these tips. Most Amazon product photography services cannot fulfill consumer requirements. Sellers need to do a lot of research to hire ideal services. Keep learning about new types of images and change your listing images at least once in six months. The visual references will surely take your Amazon business to the top.

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