A handy guidebook to getting started with black and white photography

B&W photographs provide photographers the perfect medium to express their artistic vision and creativity. According to Redbull, there are numerous reasons why black and white pictures are so appealing to the masses. B&W photographs highlight minute details of any picture clearly and enhance other significant characteristics, which facilitates the audience to look beyond the image and dive deep into the story behind the photo.

Black and white photographs facilitate photography professionals to achieve specific types of looks and become exceptional additions to their portfolios. This article will shed light on different aspects of black and white photography, including how users can convert images into black and white ones and useful tips following which creative professionals can create top-tier B&W images. Let us jump right into it:

How to Convert Coloured Images into Black and White Ones:

It is not always possible to take black and white images using a camera. However, creatives can conveniently alter the color of any picture in the post-production process. Converting colored images into black and white ones can significantly enhance their features and present them more sophisticatedly. Thanks to technological advancements, numerous photo editing applications and programs are readily available on all major platforms, facilitating users to conveniently convert any colored image into a black and white one. Let us take a look at how users of the two leading operating systems, i.e., Windows and macOS, can convert colored images into black and white ones:

Windows – Windows users can choose from various photo-editing tools to turn colored images into black and white ones. For instance, Adobe Photoshop is a powerful tool that offers tons of photo-tweaking functionalities, including black and white filters and other tools that can be used to convert images into black and white pictures. Similarly, there are numerous other editing tools and platforms available using which editors can convert images into black and white ones.

macOS – macOS offers users numerous methods following which users can make images black and white. For instance, if you are a Mac user, you can use numerous image-tweaking tools such as the Channel mixer, Gradient Map, Hue and Saturation tool, etc., to convert any image into a black and white one. Moreover, if you wish to simplify the process even further, you can install and use Luminar, a powerful third-party photo-editing application that facilitates users to tweak any image as per their preferences. Using the app’s B&W Conversion Filter, you can conveniently convert a colored image into a black and white one and save it on your device. Besides Luminar, you can also use Squash, a powerful photo processing application, or CameraBag Pro, an intuitive photo editor. 

Black and White Photography Tips:

If you’re looking to get started and make your mark in the world of black and white photography, you should keep the following tips in mind to ensure that every B&W image you create and edit turns out exceptionally well:

  • Envision What You Wish to Create

Simply turning an average-looking photograph into a black and white one will not save its reputation. Hence, you should envision what kind of outcome you want and then capture and convert the image accordingly. Moreover, you should also select the right subject for creating a black and white image. Every subject is not suitable for a black and white theme. Hence, by envisioning the kind of image you wish to create in the black and white segment, you can truly come up with an exceptional-looking B&W picture. 

  • Adjust the Contrast According to Your Requirements

One of the most crucial aspects that affect how a black and white photo is perceived is its contrast. It would be best if you always tried to balance the contrast so that the authenticity and appeal of the B&W image remain unaffected. Ensure that you choose the contrast level according to your requirements. For instance, lower the contrasts if you want the picture to have a simple and subtle appearance. However, if you wish to provide an intense look to your picture, try increasing the contrast and slightly reducing the brightness level.  

  • Manage the Image’s Composition

A picture that features a good composition significantly appeals to the eyes of the audience. Hence, every black and white picture, or even a colored one, should feature a good composition. While editing a black and white image, you should be extra careful because the lack of color in a picture makes it quite difficult to achieve a good composition. Furthermore, if you already know that you require converting an image into a black and white one, experiment by capturing multiple shots and applying different edits to develop a good B&W image.

Black and white photography can be quite challenging to master. However, by following the tips mentioned above, you can easily create top-tier B&W images.

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