A Complete Guide To Second Post Study Work Stream Visa Subclass 485

The temporary graduate visa subclass 485 will allow all the interested individuals to live, work, and study within the beautiful nation of Australia, temporarily. This visa subclass 485 is only designed for all the international candidates who aim to complete their tertiary education within the Australian waters.  Even though the Visa Subclass 485 has always been the lifetime visa for all overseas students, from 2021, individuals from all the regional education institutions will be allowed to apply for a 2nd visa. 

This visa subclass 485 be ideal for all those students who wish to work, reside and study further within the Australian soil. Here, in this guide, you will get valuable information about the 2nd post-study work stream visa and its in-store information. 

Types Of Graduate Visa Available

The temporary graduate visa 485 carries two streams: The Post-Study Work Stream and The Graduate Work Stream. Let’s gain a bit of information about these two streams below. 

  1. The Graduate Work Stream

    This particular stream is provided to all the graduates who carry an eligible qualification. This includes those from the VET or Vocational Education and Training sector who graduate with qualifications and skills, which can be related to a particular occupation currently in high demand within the country. 
  2. The Post-Study Work Stream

    This stream is designed for all the international students who have graduated recently with a much higher degree from an Australian institution, regardless of their occupation or field of study. 
    According to the latest news, all the graduate visa holders within the Post Study stream will become eligible to apply for another Graduate Visa. This means they can apply for the visa within the same stream once they satisfy all the regional needs. 

What Type Of Visa Will The Graduate Visa Holders Get?

Given below are the visa that you will receive as a graduate visa holder. Take a look!

  1. The One Year Visa

    If you are an individual who has a graduate visa within the Post Study stream, you will receive a 2nd one-year graduate visa. You need to complete your regional Australian qualification and also must carry your 1st graduate visa with you. On the other hand, you also need to work or live for at least two years within the country to obtain subclass 485. 
    Also, the visa will only be provided to you when you live, work and study outside of the major Australian cities, such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Brisbane. All these conditions are also applied to the family members of the primary visa holder. 
  2. The Second Year Visa

    The two-year visa will only be provided to you once you complete your Australian qualification from a regional area or regional centre. It will also be offered to you when you, as the 1st graduate visa holder, have already lived, studied and worked within a restricted area or centre. 
    This particular condition is applied to the principal visa holder’s family members provided with the 2nd graduate visa 485. If you are interested in learning more or need some help, you can consult with the professional Migration Agent Adelaide. They are the best people for it as they have the skills and knowledge of dealing with such visas. 

The Requirements Of Post-Study Work Stream 

If you are applying for the Post-Study Work Stream for the 2nd time, there are several requirements that you have to fulfil. Check the information below.

  • You need to carry a graduate degree on a particular course along with CRICOS. 
  • You need to have adequate health insurance and also meet all the health requirements. 
  • All interested candidates are required to be under the age of 50 when applying for this visa. 
  • Must meet all the Australian study requirements.
  • Need to be a current student visa holder or have held it before. 
  • You must study with an Australian education provider and hold bachelor’s, master’s, extended masters, and doctoral degrees. 
  • Must not be a previous holder of Visa subclass 476. 
  • Have to provide evidence for your English language test by taking the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, Cambridge C1 Advanced Test, or OET. 
  • Cannot apply for this particular visa if you have a trade diploma or qualification. 

How To Apply For The Post Study Work Stream Visa?

When you have decided to apply for the post-study work visa for the 2nd time, the procedure will be the same as when you applied for it for the first time. You simply need to fill out the visa application form through ImmiAccount. This is the only way through which all international candidates can apply for this particular visa. 

Also, the paper form will only get accepted when a “no further stay” condition is available with your current visa. So, to apply for the visa online, you have to visit the Department of Home Affair’s official website. After that, you need to fill out the application form and provide all the essential information. 

Make sure to check the details at least one or two times right before you submit it. Also, don’t forget to check the spellings and the errors if you come across them. Remember, even the slightest mistake created unwanted problems. 

On the other hand, when you have submitted all the required documents, double-check whether or not they are the correct ones. Once all the checking is complete, you can proceed further, submit all the documents, and wait for the visa approval. 

Documents That You Need To Provide For 2nd Post Study Work Stream

According to the professional Immigration Agent Adelaide some documents are require for this visa. These documents are crucial, and not providing them means you will not receive your post-study work stream visa. These documents are:

  • Documents on dependants who are over 18 years of age. [if needed]
  • Study documents. 
  • Provide records of your partner if you are taking him/her with you. 
  • Records based on identification. 
  • The health insurance documents of visa 485. 
  • Character documents. 

What Is The Processing Time And Estimated Fees?

The time taken to process the visa will depend heavily on the type of workstream you choose. The fee for the Graduate Work Visa is $1680, and the fee for the Post Study Work Visa is $660. 

Is It Possible The International Students To Reside Longer In Australia?

In short, yes, they can. As an international student, you will surely get the chance to live within this beautiful nation for a longer period. According to Immigration Agent Adelaide, international candidates who contribute heavily to the Australian economy are grant a permanent visa. 

Along with that, all the skilled immigrant workers also get the chance to work within the nation. But for that they will be tested on a points-based technique where points are given out for work experience, English proficiency, and qualification.  

So, to become a permanent resident, you have to submit an EOI or Expression of Interest through the SkillSet method. Once your EOI gets accepts, you can proceed further and fill out the application for permanent residency. 


Now, with the help of the 2nd Post Study Work Visa Subclass 485, you will not just get the chance to study and work within Australia. But the visa will also allow you to live within the nation without any issues. You can also apply for permanent residency once you get your EOI approved by the Australian Government. 

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