8 Custom Packaging Trends of 2021: Popular Printing Options

Everyone knows that packaging is an essential part of any company’s marketing and branding strategy. It can help a company stand out from the competition, uniquely convey its message, or make its product more enticing. But what are some trends in 2021? Today we’re going to discuss some custom packaging trends for 2021: popular printing options.

This year, many companies have been adding “feel good” messages on the packages they send out to consumers. These messages can range from quotes promoting environmental sustainability to encouraging words about mental health recovery. People have been putting their pictures on packages. This window helps people see the package. It also puts people who make the boxes happy.

Custom packaging trends are constantly evolving. In the past, custom boxes were a niche product for high-end products only. However, over the years, they have become more affordable and accessible for every business. As a result, custom packaging trends are constantly changing as companies look for new ways to stand out and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Customized boxes allow you to determine your product from others by allowing your customers to see what is inside at first glance. Here we will discuss some popular custom box printing options to help make your next project stand out from the rest! In 2021, custom printing is a popular way to increase brand awareness with customers. In addition, you can get custom boxes wholesale in many ways, such as adding logos, product information, and company colors.

For more insights on these trendy custom packaging designs of the year, read on!

Trendy Custom Packaging of the Year:

Hanger Box or Five Panel Box:

Hanger boxes are very convenient for hanging products, such as clothing. They are popular because they also allow customers to see the product from all angles on the hanger before purchase and make for easy accessibility. A five-panel hanger box is a reverse tuck end type box with an ample backside where you can insert your favorite hang-able products. The front and side panels are blank so that the consumer will be able to see what they’re buying before opening or hanging it on their wall right away!

Sleeves Boxes:

A sleeve is a thing that you can put over something, like to protect it. We can also use it to make the item look better. This handy invention may not seem like much. Still, it has many benefits, including an increase in shelf life due to its airtight seal around the box’s lid, as well as increased mobility for items going through shipping or delivery.

We like to show off our sleeves boxes by adding logos with die-cut windows at specific points along one axis, so your customer knows what it contains. A custom sleeve box is a small package for one item like clothes or food. It’s made of cardboard and then printed on both sides with your design on it.

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Box sleeves are ideal for packaging small, delicate products. You can put your information on them, and they come in different colors. Customize them to target various audiences or sell seasonal batches without the hassle of going through inventory changes each time you need a new set ready.

Display Boxes for Counters:

Display boxes are a box that you can use for two things. Firstly, it packages the contents for them to protect them from damage during shipping. Secondly, when opened up and unfolded into its original form of display mode on any flat surface (such as an exhibition stand). In addition, folding cartons provide extra space for promotional placements, such as stickers containing company logos.

Display boxes are great for displaying jewelry, collectibles, or any other item that needs to be visible and accessible. There are lots of different ways to show your items. One way is with a perforated design that allows you to create a layout for your items and put them in their own homes.

Another popular custom package design is display boxes- great for showing jewelry, collectibles, or other items you want people to see clearly and get access to without having any awkward angles while being displayed in-store, etc.

Insert Boxes:

These boxes are trendy for insert options. Inserts are the unsung heroes of packaging. Without inserts, products would be prone to jostling and damages inside their containers; glass bottles could easily break without an insert in place for support. It also can act as a divider if it’s located on one side or another.

Custom Printed Boxes:

These boxes are an excellent option for making your product stand out from the others. Customized packaging is a good choice. You can make it any color and put pictures on it. There are no limits to what you can do to customize the packaging, so nothing stops you from doing anything you want! Shipping won’t be complicated because if your package has custom branding, it will fit neatly inside the box without being crushed by other packages or mishandled.

Another benefit of custom printing is inventory control; this way, if someone returns an item, you’ll know precisely who they purchased it under so that person can reorder another one in time for the Christmas shopping season instead of something else entirely.

Custom Boxes Wholesale:

We sell boxes at a wholesale price. You can buy them in bulk and save money. Boxes will help you to keep things organized all year.

Custom Packaging includes different types of boxes. For example, you can get cartons and displays that companies use to ship items to customers. Then, you can show them off on an exhibition stand. For example, one type of box is a folding carton which can be folded into its original form as display mode when opened up. This allows extra space for promotional placements such as stickers containing company logos – one way to make your business look more professional at exhibitions!


With all of these trends, it’s easy to see that custom packaging will be necessary for the coming years. Custom Packaging solution providers offer customized packaging solutions so you can have your design and business goals come to life with our team! Contact them today if you want more information about any or all of these popular printing options. They look forward to hearing from you soon!

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