8 Christmas Email Examples to Inspire Every Email Marketer

It is about Christmas, and we are finally witnessing some signs of relief with businesses gearing up for the post-pandemic world. We have witnessed a huge surge in online purchases, and this has brought a fresh chunk of buyers into the online ecosystem. Naturally, they have found their place in email lists, and as email marketers, this translates to a few tweaks in their overall strategy. To brush up on your Christmas-themed email design, here are the top eight Christmas email marketing templates for your next festive masterpiece. Let’s get started:

#1 Starbucks: Surf Exclusivity Amidst The Festivity

It is natural to paint your emails in a festive tone, but it can be an act of exclusivity too. Starbucks is known to make its customers feel special, and they came up with a Christmas concert where their cups will be Christmas-themed, making them a bit more ‘special.’ Combining this with their retro-styled email marketing template, the overall design looks refreshing and attention-worthy. If you, too, sell products that come with some sort of standard packaging, this might be a great idea to take phygital branding strategy to the next level:

#2 Zajno: Leverage Hero Images Proactively

When it comes to email marketing, hero images don’t get their fair share of leverage. They can cater immense value to your messages and help you convey your message in a  meaningful manner without making your recipient go through large chunks of text. Zajno has excelled at making the hero image the ‘hero’ of this email, and what a way to bid adieu to a year than to enjoy some good visuals and a no-nonsense, crisp message. And that’s the perfect idea for most people since they would have already gone through tonnes of lengthy texts from almost everyone. Have a look:

#3 P & Co: Experiment With Email Marketing Templates

Generally, we don’t get to see crossovers in email design, but P & Co came up with this nice email marketing template that is a marketing message but looks quite similar to a newsletter in many aspects. This is a beautiful example of email developers turning creative since most of the messages follow the purpose of the template without much customization. You can, too, come up with such innovations in your email design strategy since they aren’t too noticeable, but they do give you a fresh appeal:

#4 Onsen: Build Up On Typography

This is another example of where the idea of ‘less is more’ helped emails look alluring without much work going into it. Onsen used typography to design this wonderful Black Friday email. But what I found the most interesting is the fact that the use of typography falls in line with the copywriting best practices, and it also makes a huge impact on how the reader perceives their message. Thus, if you are willing to emphasize a certain idea in your email, you can use typography to cut through the noise.

#5 1973 Ltd: Going Minimalist

1973 Ltd is one of my favorite brands as an email enthusiast since they send very aesthetic and creative emails that always leave you with a smile. In this example, we can see that they used minimalist design language with the Christmas theme to curate a small yet meaningful festive message. The hue further contributes to the overall temperament, and thus, you can get inspired from it if you are want to go minimalist without losing the festive spark:

#6 Stack: Being The Santa

What else can be better than becoming Santa yourself for your subscribers? Stack offered its subscribers to order a magazine and get it delivered to their dear ones for free! This sounds like a truly amazing email, especially for the people who want to send something at the last moment. Businesses dealing in inexpensive physical goods can use this tactic, and it will go a long way in establishing your brand image as a friendly one. Have a look at their email and especially the copy that they have used:

#7 Uplers: Soak In The Christmas Theme For Your Design Language

Here’s a bit of a different example from Uplers. This Christmas-themed video message that plays inside the email is a visual feast. This may not go well with brands who follow a very rigid design language, but with a few tweaks, they can, too, get a nice makeover for their templates. While you can reduce the amount of real estate consumed in the Christmas-themed design, white space could too fit in the context. Glance this design:

#8 Taco Bell: Storytelling Through Email Marketing Templates

You can also play with storytelling inside your email design, and this is one of the oldest tricks in an email developer’s book though not the most widely used one. Taco Bell came up with an amazing email that incorporated in-mail storytelling through its design, and it made the overall product look awesome. The overall concept and placement of the main body make the email look quite unique and serve their marketing purpose without at all intimidating their subscribers:

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Summing Up

I hope that you enjoyed looking at these beautiful Christmas email examples. We hope that this article helps make Christmas merrier for you!

Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.

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