7 Virtual Event Examples You Have to See

Virtual events are gaining immense popularity with each passing day. But as event planners, exhibitors, and attendees look for an all-in-one virtual event software, it is necessary to recognize the features and innovations that you should include to make your virtual events unique and realistic.

To understand this better, let us walk you through some exceptional and bizarre virtual events that have been hosted in 2020;

Salesforce World Tour Sydney Reimagined

During the global pandemic, Salesforce has been one of the first companies to make its digital shift to virtual events. Salesforce addressed that they have always kept the wellness of the employees, clients, and customers as their preference. Conducting an online event named “World Tour” eliminates the necessity of traveling to Sydney to attend the on-site event.

We all observed the success of this virtual event. Salesforce revealed that it had accommodated up to 80,000 viewers for its live stream and its one-day event gathered across 1.2 million views on their social media channels. Besides live streaming, the company also had an option to incorporate on-demand content for the attendees. The event as a whole was an interactive and engaging experience for the audiences.

The NBA restart

We all know that this was an amazing virtual event that gathered immense appreciation. The re-episode of the 2019-20 NBA that occurred in July 2020 did not take place under the normal circumstances that used to be before the global pandemic. With the adoption of a virtual event platform, the NBA chose something distinctive. Amid restrictions on traveling during 2020, NBA allowed its fans to watch the games being played by their favorite players virtually from remote locations. They opted for Microsoft Teams’ Together mode, which employs AI segmentation technology to draw several individuals into a shared background such as a conference room, arena, or coffee shop. The main motive of the NBA was to connect the audience to the players using an all-in-one virtual event software.

SBC Digital Summit

It was a distinguished gaming industry virtual event that aimed to deliver a life-like experience for all the attendees. The SBC Digital Summit employed an excellent virtual platform to welcome delegates from all parts of the globe and help recreate the experience of a physical event.

Virtual participants entered the lobby area and were conferred access to different rooms throughout the online platform. These rooms involved the virtual exhibition hall, where participants could visit booths, engage with exhibitors, and view their products. The platform also had the Conference Auditorium, where participants could listen to the sessions and panels presented by the speaker, and the Networking Lounge, where everyone could initiate either 1:1 or group discussions to connect, interact, and make meaningful relationships. 

Tomorrowland Around The World

It was a huge Belgian music festival that occurred in July intending to offer an exceptional musical experience for the attendees.

This virtual event included performances from notable artists such as Katy Perry, David Guetta, Steve Aoki, and Martin Garrix, Tomorrowland provided webinars, workshops, exciting games, and other engaging activities to keep the attendees hooked and involved throughout the event.

This gala festival allowed the musicians to perform using virtual stages with thousands of people watching them from different parts of the world. Using a 3D environment, the virtual platform included unique sound and graphic effects, fireworks, laser shows, and many more to deliver remarkable and genuine experiences for the attendees. Tomorrowland’s event was a successful affair where attendees were able to interact with each other through a user-friendly interface and web-based platform.


Oktane Live is a distinguished annual event driven by software firm Okta. This event is hosted to bring together several IT experts, product managers, and developers. In 2020, they decided to take their event online which became a successful and remarkable experience for all the attendees. This virtual event included 65 breakout sessions and some notable speakers belonging to the IT world who delivered engaging and relevant content to keep their attendees involved and hooked in the event. 

To make the virtual event more interesting, Okta made promising efforts to facilitate excellent engagement tools to promote real-time interaction among the attendees. For example, they created a virtual lobby that was a base from where participants could attend the keynotes & breakout sessions, enter networking lounges, and connect with speakers seamlessly.


We all are aware of the exception event experiences that IMEX has been delivering. Their large bi-annual exhibitions are the hotspots for participants to come together, acquire and share experiences. In 2020, like various other businesses, IMEX was compelled to shift to the virtual sphere. Instead of simply conducting a one-off online event and declaring it a day, IMEX rather chose to create and build a virtual learning center, to deliver valuable and worthy content for their attendees. 

For this, IMEX designed an extraordinary 3D island-themed venue starring ocean sounds and vivid, engaging features. It had three separate islands enriched with blogs, videos, podcasts, videos, and a unique ‘island sounds’ DJ mix. They also produced a collection of news articles and podcasts picked from industry publications to keep the audience updated. 

Big Top Xmas Party

During lockdown 1.0 the mindful team at Hire Space understood that the festive season of 2020 would be quite distinct. To conduct a great virtual Christmas party, they made promising efforts to add unique, exciting, and engaging elements to make Big Top a great success. As soon as attendees entered their virtual Christmas party, they were welcomed and moved to the central block by one of their excellent performers. From there, visitors could navigate the virtual platform and visit any area or room according to their preferred choice. They could seamlessly enter the jazz bar or the comedy club to enjoy the virtual event seamlessly. The event included multiple opportunities to add fun and bizarre elements to enhance the virtual event.

Final Word

These events are examples of some unique and remarkable virtual events that left a lasting impression on each of their attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors. 

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