7 Tips Everyone Should Know To Protect Your Phone From Hackers

Smartphone today becoming a basic need of every person. If you are looking around for the best phones under 20000, then make sure they support features that will protect the device from hackers. We are all aware of how fraud transactions happen these days and have impacted the lives of many. 

The good news is that there are several ways how you can protect your smartphone from potential attacks from hackers. Buy the latest smartphone and be sure to follow the tips given below:

Ensure your device is safe-

  1. Have your Remote Locking and Tracking settings on

Almost all smartphones these days come with security features, like a complicated pattern, fingerprint/face recognition, or a multi-digit passcode. These features are useful when you want to secure your device from theft or potential misuse by a stranger.

However, there are ways how even in the best mobiles under 20000 and above; hackers can bypass these features to hack your device. This is where Remote Locking and Tracking features come in handy. The good news is that a majority of phones these days come with these features. Even if you cannot find these features, they can be downloaded and installed. 

  1. Be aware of what you are downloading and installing on your phone

Not all things are exactly what they appear. Therefore, after checking out the best mobiles under 20000 and deciding on one, you need to be vigilant while downloading files, videos, images, email attachments, or installing apps. There are a few rules you can follow while you download content from the internet. For example, you should download only from reputed and well-known websites, check your app permissions, do your research, and check other reviews. 

  1. Do not use public Wi-Fi

Insecure connections always attract hackers to steal data and eavesdrop from connected devices. These types of actions are called MitM attacks. So, the next time you are trying to use public Wi-Fi, especially in places like malls, airports, cafes, shops, etc, stop doing that. Instead, use cellular data. 

Your latest smartphone comes with a mobile hotspot feature that you can use with a password to ensure the device is safe and secure. You should not try to access websites or do professional works until a secure connection is available to you.

  1. Keep software and your operating system up to date

It is important to keep the apps and the operating system of your mobile phone updated regularly. What it means is that you need to install all the updates as soon as they are available to you. Remember, even the best mobiles under 20000 get updates regularly from the makers. So, irrespective of the device you own, an update for it is never far away. Patching and updates are important for your device’s security and shouldn’t be compromised at all. 

  1. Installation of Security Software tools

It is not just the computers that need anti-malware and antivirus software; your mobile phones also need them to get protection from hackers. Surfing online regularly can invite various kinds of malware from websites that are loaded with malware. There will be chances your mobile may get infected with a malware like Trojan horses, viruses, worms, etc through apps or attachments. 

Whenever you buy the latest smartphone, make sure that you install a security software tool so that malware can be detected and removed early. 

  1. Do not fall prey to SIM Swapping

When the hacker contacts your mobile service provider and succeeds in getting a replacement SIM card, then it can lead to SIM swapping. Typically, this can happen when the hacker gets your sensitive information, like any identity proof document or the last four digits of your card. 

Upon getting a replacement SIM card, the hacker can easily get access to all your accounts, SMS text messages, phone calls, and services that are linked to your phone number. You can do this even with the best mobiles under 20000. 

  1. Make use of the Bluetooth Connection Lost feature

If you have a smartwatch then make sure to pair it with your phone and enable Bluetooth Connection Lost feature in it. In doing so, you will be notified on your watch whenever it loses connection with the smartphone. This tip is extremely beneficial when you are in a public place. 

Buy a smartphone with security features affordably!

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