7 Strategies to Gain Larger Produce Orders

The produce industry has grown in leaps and bounds over the years. Although the consumers are often seen as the most important part of the supply chain, wholesalers and retailers play a vital role in getting the produce to them.

There’s been a recent market movement favoring the retail sector of the produce industry. However, wholesalers must look to stake their claim in this grand scheme. To increase produce orders, they’ll need to put in the work to guarantee more sales.

This article lists some strategies that wholesalers can implement to enhance their produce order rates.

Integrate with an online store

Produce businesses benefit greatly from integration with online platforms. Integration means customers can make purchases from any location at any time, contributing immensely to increased orders.

Incorporating your wholesale business into online platforms also allows you to increase your market share value. Many buyers use search engines to find the best produce deals, and wholesalers can make the most of these search engines to optimize and increase their visibility.

Once your business starts to gain traction, you can automate all of your processes to ensure efficiency. Some of the top ERP solutions like give you an edge in terms of streamlining your processes.

Establish a good relationship with retailers

Since retailers are the link between wholesalers and consumers, it only makes sense that a good relationship should exist between both parties. In fostering a good working relationship, you can enhance your reputation amongst retailers and subsequently increase sales.

Your wholesale business will gain massively from a good working relationship with retailers. Keeping a close connection with retailers allows you to get first-hand information, enabling you to make better business decisions moving forward.

Use discount sales to your advantage

There’s no better way to attract new customers than by offering regular discount sales. It’s a strategy that’s been proven to work over the years, and wholesalers can take advantage of it. For example, offer discount sales on national holidays.

Discount sales strategies can also take the shape of referrals. You can provide extra items to every customer that refers another. Using this strategy, you can easily gain new customers and increase your customer base.

Make use of advertising campaigns

One of the best ways to get more orders is through advertising channels. Advertisements and campaigns spread the word about your business.

There are many ways to go about creating a campaign, and you must pick one that best suits your business. Most businesses opt for online campaigns, as they are proven effective. These online campaigns incorporate social media marketing to spread the word about your produce business.

Ensure the campaign is tailored to target a specific audience to maximize effectiveness.

Build your brand

The good thing about the produce industry is that brand reputation fuels its sales level. As a wholesaler, you’ll need to take important steps toward building the image and reputation of your brand. This ensures your brand is preferred by retailers and consumers alike. A good reputation in the produce industry goes a long way in keeping sales numbers up.

Leverage website optimization

The website of any business serves as the first point of contact, and you should look to optimize it to position yourself for more sales. Clients usually make judgments on a business based on their website’s appearance and functionality, which could be a precursor for sales.

Here are some important things to remember when it comes to website optimization:

  • Make a page introducing the company: Let your potential customers know more about the business entity they’re about to deal with.
  • Functionality: Your website should perfectly represent your business. Ensure that it’s organized and contains all of the relevant information your potential clients might need. It should also be easy to operate, as disorganization and complexity can dissuade potential customers.
  • Client list: Some clients check for the caliber of customers previously serviced by a business before committing themselves. Putting up a list of past and present clients can convince them you’re worth dealing with.
  • Reviews: In addition to putting up a list of clients, you can also have a testimonial section with positive reviews.

Invest in a topnotch delivery system

A good delivery system will go a long way in enhancing the reputation of your produce business.

One good way to enhance your company’s delivery is by incorporating an ERP solution into your operations. These solutions ensure customers can track their goods in real-time. An efficient ERP also ensures that there are no conflicting schedules in the distribution process. Your wholesale company will be able to maximize sales orders as a result.

The goal of any business is to maximize sales and improve profit margins. As wholesalers in the produce business, you must position your business to take advantage of opportunities available in the industry. This article highlights some strategies you can adopt to increase your sales orders.

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