6 of the Most Familiar Bacterial Infections That Spell Trouble for Your Pet Dog’s Health

Our four-legged friends in NZ are highly vulnerable to bacterial and fungal infections. Primarily, these infections affect your fur companions if they are spending a lot of time outdoors. Pet parents must consider this issue seriously, as several bacterial infections pose fatal risks if timely medical help is not given. On the other hand, immediate diagnosis and treatment may reduce your paw pal’s suffering considerably. Make early vet trips when your fur baby doesn’t seem okay, so he doesn’t have to go through much worse medical trauma.

Also, it would help greatly if pet parents like you had the best pet insurance policy to keep their pet dogs covered for any sickness, accidents, or other health emergencies. You can provide your dog companion with excellent medical care, from regular check-ups and vaccinations to diagnosis and treatment in unanticipated health situations with dog insurance NZ. Regardless, we always advise you to stay wary, so your pet dog doesn’t contract such infections even with this backup.

We have made a list of common bacterial infections in dogs so you can understand how they will potentially trouble your pet dog.

Skin infections

These types of infections are easily picked up and may quickly spread all over your pet doggo’s body. Most of the time, such conditions happen because of common bacteria that moved over from damaged skin areas. The infectious bacteria multiply soon, making your fur baby itchy, sick and sore.

Lyme disease

Your doggy may develop Lyme disease if an infected tick bites him. One symptom of this tick-borne disease in your dog is excruciating joint pain. This debilitating disease can be cured if treated in time.


This is a contagious bacterial infection that can be life-threatening. Your pet doggy may catch this infection when he comes in contact with another creature’s infected urine like that of a rodent’s. Early symptoms include vomiting,abdominal pain, fever and more.

Urinary tract infections

It is one of the most common infections seen in pet animals. For example, if your dog has a urinary tract infection, he may frequently urinate and drink lots and lots of water. If left untreated it can lead to serious problems like kidney stones, blood poisoning and infertility.


This is a pet uterine infection that is usually noticed in older, unspayed female dogs. This disease may be life-threatening and requires your vet’s attention asap. She may need an emergency uterus removal surgery to get rid of the condition. 

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Bacterial eye/ear infections

Bacteria or yeast cause ear infections in dogs. Your vet may suggest pet medication and ear cleaning to help ease your pet’s discomfort and cure the infection. Follow your vet’s advice to cure your pet doggy’s ear issue or it may lead to more serious issues like deafness.

If you observe reddish eyes or discharge in the eye’s cornea, maybe your pet’s eyes are infected. Talk to your vet; he may recommend suitable eye drops to relieve your pet’s eye condition. As with ear infections, eye infections can lead to significantly more serious issues – so take action quickly. While these are several of the most prevalent bacterial infections in dogs, you must have a watchful eye on your pet for others too. If you notice anything strange about his behaviour, have a quick chat with your vet. Without proper guidance, your agonised furry friend may have to suffer more. Having the best pet insurance reduces your financial stress when it comes to vet bills and supports your pet’s health care at the same time. Purchase dog insurance in NZ if you don’t have a policy already, to take care of the best interests of your dog’s health and wellbeing.

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