5 Sure-Shot Strategies For Real Estate Branding- Have You Tried It?

  1. The real estate market in the U.S is growing at a rapid pace. As a real estate agent, you wouldn’t want to miss capitalizing on it. But if the market is booming, so is the competition! If you need to get ahead in the race, try some solid real estate branding strategies.     

So, What Are the Strategies for Real Estate Branding?

Homebuyers are now doing more legwork before involving real estate agents in the process. Hence, it makes sense to elevate your branding strategies for clients to recognize your business and feel it trustworthy to hire your services.

Here are the five sure-shot strategies for real estate branding —

  • Brand recognition

Brand recognition can look simple, but it needs considerable effort. Take, for instance, your business logo. A good logo will go a long way in brand promotion. It may seem unnecessary or insignificant in the beginning. But people start associating themselves with the brand through the logo. Hence, brand recognition helps people perceive you as a professional company, and they begin to build attachments with your brand.    

Logo & tagline– A logo and tagline are your recognizable brand identity. They have to be simple and effective to convey your real estate business message. A good logo and a tagline improve your real estate branding and relationship with clients.

Business card– Like a logo, a business card also makes your services stand out. It gives you an edge over your competitors. It increases brand worthiness by reminding people of your business. Let the business card be simple to convey your services.  

Product Branding– Use promotional products with the logo and tagline imprint to gift it to existing and potential customers. It shows your care and concern for them. It also gets you good referrals and new customers.

Networking- Nothing works like going out and attending events, business fairs, and clients directly. Business networking gets you knowledge from interaction, help from peers, advice from market leaders, clients for your business, and most importantly, brand recognition.  

  •  Build a good website

You need to inform as many people as possible about your business. A website provides you online discoverability as well as establishes your branding. Moreover, websites are an exceptional way to learn your audience’s interests and preferences. You can store and interpret data to guide your marketing strategies.   

Mobile-friendly websites– With people accessing websites on their mobile devices, it becomes necessary to build websites that automatically switch their resolution, image size, and scripting to the device size. Making your website responsive increases user interactions and establishes your brand.  

Social sharing buttons-Add social sharing on property pages helps interested viewers to share the project details with their families. Also, do not forget to make your website responsive for mobile devices, laptops, and tablets.  

Build mobile apps- The millennials access everything from their mobile devices. Create a mobile app to offer personalized services to your customers. They easily access the app from anywhere, making it easy for you to connect with them. 

  •  Use social media to its full potential 

Social media is the best tool for advertising and customer engagement. You find out what people are saying about your real estate services. You develop your brand and also keep an eye on your competitors.

Good marketing content- Social media is not just about using different features and posting images and videos. It is about creating quality content. Create content that relates to the target audience. Once in a while, try posting videos of community amenities or happy clients with their families in their new homes. Customer testimonials increase your credibility and trustworthiness. Interviewing experts in real estate will prove your authority over the business.

Influencer marketing– Influencers are everywhere on social media. They create content to engage their followers. It is easy to find fashion bloggers but challenging to find influencers relevant to your niche. Take the help of social media platforms to collaborate with influencers and get exposure to a large audience. 

Video content- Along with images of properties, you must provide attractive virtual tour videos to your customers. A 360-degree video will give them a feel of the property. Create animated short explainer videos on various real estate investment topics to increase followers and engagement.

Social media marketing– With intense competition in the real estate business, social media campaigns are a must to not only survive but win the game. Consistent social media campaigns such as retargeting ads persuade customers to visit your social media profile and website. Target the generated leads through cold calls and emails.

Online networking- Joining social media forums is excellent in expanding your network of peers and clients. Join forums and groups on Facebook, Telegram, or Twitter to stay updated on the latest trends in the real estate market. Build authority by connecting with your followers consistently.   

Pro Tip: Hire commercial real estate services that offer influencer marketing as a part of their brand marketing strategy.

  • Increase the spend on digital marketing

Digital marketing is a big way to reach out to the tech-savvy modern generation who are always online. It provides flexibility and can be tailored to fit your budget with optimized advertising. Another benefit it offers is target marketing. It means you spend on people who are interested in seeing your ads.  

List your website on local directories– Online listing directories get people to discover your business and earn your website valuable links. Business listing on Google My Business and Zillow helps people notice and call to inquire about your services.   

Blog on guest websites- Get links to your website by guest blogging on quality websites or asking bloggers to write about your services on their website. You can reach a larger audience with it.

Paid campaigns- Paid campaigns are best when you need your ad to be target-specific. PPC (Pay Per Click) campaigns on social media and Google optimizes brand engagement. Moreover, it is flexible to suit any budget, big or small. Additionally, deploy analytics to study and interpret user behavior and retarget ads to them. Paid campaigns are best to increase the reach and get people interested in your brand.   

Email marketing- Email marketing is still a cost-effective method of conveying offers to your customers. Persuade customers to click on the link and visit your website through visually appealing email content.  

Pro Tip: On effective planning, paid campaigns give you instant results. For winning strategies in real estate branding through digital marketing, get the help of a trusted real estate consulting firm.  

  • Use traditional marketing methods too

Our society has been exposed to traditional marketing for decades and it has its niche followers even today. People still find homes to buy and discover offers and deals on newspaper ads, hoardings, or printed flyers. The only drawback with this method is that you cannot measure its impact.

Banner marketing- Billboards and banners are powerful attention grabbers. The only pitfall is that you cannot target a niche audience. Nevertheless, it gets you branding results. After all, people noticing your ad on hoardings impact their engagement with your brand.  

Ads on print media- The millennials still search for homes to buy in the newspaper classified ads. They even advertise their homes to sell on it. A simple and effective ad in the local newspaper gets your brand an extensive reach.

Flyers and brochures– Set up your stall in business exhibitions and fairs. Distribute brochures and pamphlets to showcase your services. Also, making people aware of any discounts or brand events through flyers gets people talking about your brand. You also get brand traction by attaching flyers to prospective customers on emails.  

Hire the services of a real estate consulting firm

Real estate branding is not something you build in a day. It takes consistent efforts and monitoring. A good option would be to hire commercial real estate services. They unburden you from the task of branding so that you can focus on the actual business of selling and buying. Real estate branding services come in handy when you want to grow your business without having the hassles of marketing.  

Wrap Up

Good branding gets you ahead in the competition. It also helps others understand why they should do business with you. Implement these five real estate branding strategies to see what works for your real estate business.

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