5 Sleek and Best Styles for Long Haircuts With Bangs You Simply Must Try Right Now

Long hair with bangs is making a huge comeback. For years, bangs were considered passée, especially with longer hairstyles. However, as we all know, everything that was once in style years ago will eventually find its way back. And long hairstyles with bangs are no exception. 

Bangs can really do a lot to improve your hairstyle as well as your face structure and facial features. Longer bangs can help elongate your face, while shorter bangs can help hide a wider forehead. As well, bangs can draw attention to your eyes, which are often one of our best features!

As well, bangs can help express your style and personality! Side bangs that fall seductively over one eye are very flirty and mysterious. Blunt bangs say you mean business, but still have playful side. Wispy bangs show you have a soft and feminine side. Whatever style you choose, bangs can make a statement.

And with all of the different color options available for long haircuts these days, you can really play up your long hair with fringe! Whether you call your hair with vivid streaks throughout or just add some chunky steaks to your fringe there are dozens of ways to add depth and dimension to your tresses with color. As well, you can show off your unique flair!  From subtle balayage tones to brilliant ombre shades, the sky’s the limit when it comes to hair color these days!

Another thing that’s great about long haircuts with bangs is that you can pull them back in a ponytail or braid. Or you can wear your hair in a messy bun or stylish updo! Bangs will only make these styles appear more feminine and chic. Long hair with fringe is something everyone should try as it can be super sexy, ultra chic and sophisticated, soft and romantic or flirty and playful!

Yes, it’s true that cutrain bangs require regular trips to the hair salon for a trim, but we think it’s well worth the time and effort. And long layers with bangs are a great way to add bounce to your locks. Layers can do wonders for thin or fine hair, and they add a ton of movement to any hairstyle. 

Check out our favorite ways to style long hair with bangs. Don’t Forget to pin and share your favorites!

5 Fun and Flirty Styles for Long Haircuts with Bangs

  1. Slicked Back Ponytail With Side Bangs

Ponytails will never go out of style and this long pony with bangs is no exception. Even if your hair is shoulder-length, you should still be able to pull it back into a stylish ponytail. The ponytail depicted here is very sleek and straight, but girls with curls can totally rock a pony as well!

The long side bangs in this look give this style a youthful vibe. You can simply wash your hair, pull it back in a tight ponytail when it’s still wet and comb your longer bangs off to one side. Or if you prefer you can blow dry your hair with a thick round brush and style your bangs off to the side while drying. As well, you can use a wide barrelled curling iron to style your fringe Or even add a quick twist to your fringe with your flat iron once you have finished straightening your tresses. And for those who don’t have a lot of time in the morning, you can curl your bangs in soft rollers before going to bed. No matter how you pull it off, long side bangs are very in right now and will add a soft and feminine touch to any updo!

And we love the soft subtle golden blonde and caramel tones in this light brown hair color. The golden honey highlights on the sides give it a multi tonal look when slicked back.  Balayage tones can add so much dinemon to your locks if you want to add some color without going over the top.

Ponytails can be worn for both work and play so why not play around with some fun ponytail variations and cute accessories for a look that’s both adorable and classy!

  1. Long Layers with Eye-Grazing Fringe

Long Haircuts With Bangs

This look is very popular right now. And you can totally see why! The long layers are styled in a carefree bedhead look that is super sexy and flirty! The longer layers add a ton of volume to any hair texture but are especially stunning on wavy or curly hair. The longer eye grazing bangs give in hint of playful innocence.

This style is pretty on any hair color, but we think the dark brunette shade is especially stunning with subtle red highlights that will glisten like fiery flames on a sunny day!

  1. Shaggy Layers with Choppy Bangs

If you have naturally straight hair and want to give it a lift, try this shaggy look. Choppy uneven layers add a ton of volume without compromising the length and the shaggy, jagged bangs give this sassy style an edgy vibe. The cherry chocolate balayage tones add a lot of dimension to thinner tresses. This look is very in with celebs these days so why not take a page from the paparazzi and flaunt this sexy new style?


  1. Voluminous Curls Sexy Side Bangs 

Want to show off your curly tresses? This long super curly style with long bangs parted in the middle and styled to the sides is so sexy and sophisticated. Curly hair is also making a huge comeback so why not flaunt those gorgeous ringlets? And the chocolate brown color with caramel tones is very soft and romantic. Knock him off his feet with this seductive look!

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  1. Icy Blonde Updo

Platinum hair is taking the world by storm and this icy shade with dark roots is no exception. It looks really gorgeous when pulled back in a messy yet sexy updo that says you don’t take yourself too seriously. The pale blonde, silver and darker tones give this look a multidimensional flair that shows your feminine side. 

Not quite ure how to pull off the messy updo? It’s not as difficult as it looks. Simply look up hair tutorials online to find out how to style this perfectly imperfect updo! All you need is some hairpins and strong hold hairspray and you’re good to go!

Have we convinced you to go bold and go for the fringe? We think you can totally pull it off! We hope these looks for long hair with bangs have inspired you to try out a sexy new style!

Source: How to Style Layered Long Hair

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