4 Amazing Places in Marina Bay You Can Visit

Singapore has become a familiar tourist destination for some Indonesians. In addition to its location, which is not too far away, you can do various types of exciting activities in Singapore. These things make Singapore one of the favorite places to vacation with family, partners, and friends. If you choose to visit Singapore, it’s not complete if you don’t stop by Marina Bay and stay at Park Royal Collection Marina Bay Hotel.

Marina Bay is located in the south of Singapore, precisely close to the Downtown Core. This bay is the result of reclamation carried out in 1970. This activity was carried out to build a strategic location to attract many tourists to Singapore.

The plan for making these tourist attractions includes various aspects of entertainment, from shopping tours to educational tours. Marina Bay instantly became a new tourist icon in Singapore (after Merlion Park). Then what are the tourist attractions in Marina Bay Singapore? Come on, see the review below!

Gardens by the Bay

There is a large park in Marina Bay. The park is an artificial garden with more than 100 hectares! As you walk closer to this place, you will be amazed by the towering “trees”! Each of these “trees” even has a height that can match a skyscraper. Before you continue your fascination, you need to know if the tree is not a real tree.

Gardens by the Bay is a park that has such artificial trees. In addition to the towering artificial trees, you can visit a giant dome-shaped like a seashell. In this dome, you can directly see various kinds of plants from different countries. In addition to the plants that you usually encounter, there are several rare species that are part of the Gardens by the Bay collection.

Art Science Museum

Like the initial plan of Marina Bay, which is a tourist spot with complete facilities, you can find many exciting attractions here. One of them is the Art Science Museum. The Museum of Arts and Sciences at Marina Bay Sands is a museum that combines elements of art and technology. Who would have thought that the technology we use today can produce high-quality and displayable works of art?

The location of this museum is not far from Sands Skypark. The shape of the museum building is very unique because it resembles a blooming lotus flower. The Art Science Museum is the world’s first fusion science and art museum. You can visit the museum between 10:00 and 20:00 local time.

Marina Bay Sands SkyPark

The Marina Bay Sands Skypark tourist spot is an amazing masterpiece. These tourist attractions are three hotels that have a height of 191 meters. The three are connected by a long pool. The length of the pool was 15 meters, and because of the height, the boundary of the pool seemed to disappear!

When you’re on the lookout at Marina Bay Sands Skypark, you can even see three countries at once! The countries that you can see from this room are Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore. Well, not as a whole you can see the two countries besides Singapore, but you can see Johor and Batam from the height of the Sands Skypark. Anyway, don’t miss seeing the sights in this place!

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Twin Sisters Marina Bay, Sentosa Island

Tourist attraction in Singapore that matches Marina Bay is Sentosa Island. Both of these places are the result of reclamation and have become the center of entertainment and tourism for Singapore. If MarinaBay is called an integrated tourist spot, then Sentosa Island is an island full of playgrounds.

What can you find on Sentosa Island? You can see your little ones become what they want them to be at KidZania Singapore, watch a 4D movie at Sentosa 4D Adventureland, or have an exciting tour through a herd of dinosaurs at Universal Studios Singapore!

Well, if you visit Singapore and want to stay in the area around Marina Bay, you can choose many quality hotels, besides the Park Royal Collection, you can choose to stay at Andaz Singapore. Don’t forget to book your hotel room through Traveloka Lifestyle SuperApp. Enjoy the beauty of Marina Bay!

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