Understanding Haircuts for Men and Other Men’s Dressing Tips

Most men have a hairdresser they go to each time they need to choose haircuts for men. However, moving to a different location or wanting to change style could force you to visit a new barbershop or change the hairdresser, which can be intimidating at times. Some men are too shy to explain to the stylist what they want and instead let the stylist suggest a style, which sometimes turns out pathetic. 

Some stylists are even unpolite and try to confuse the gents with hairdressing terms. Trying something new such as new haircuts for men with your hair or walking into a new barbershop should not be something to make you sweat. You should be able to ask your barber about the best hairstyles and the ones that fit your head shape without any fear or feeling stupid. Luckily, learning these terms before your first visit will help you understand once you hear them from the barber again.

The stylist fetches some hair with the comb and shaves it with the clipper. By applying beard oil for men, the growth of the hair can be increased at a rapid rate.

  • Understand Your Hair

Understanding your hair type, texture, and hairline is critical before getting your next haircut. You should know how your hairline changes because it happens as people age. Some people’s hair recedes from the forehead to the center of the head, while others have their perfect hairline even after aging. The difference in the hairlines means that you should also be picky with the hairstyles. 

You should also consider other hair growth patterns like a whorl, cowlick, and a double crown. They will have a huge say in the hairstyle you choose. Other factors to consider before visiting the barber are your lifestyle and taste and preference. For example, if you work from the office or attend many business meetings, you need presentable men’s hairstyles, not shaggy or messy styles. 

If you are unsure of how to rule out your hairline situation or how to choose a haircut depending on your hair’s texture and head shape, talking to an expert will help. They know a lot about hair and will help you choose the haircuts for men that fit your receding hairline. 

  • How to Create the Cut

When the barber talks to you about how they will create the cut, they could use some hard-to-understand terminologies. First, the most used cutting equipment is a pair of scissors, razors, or clippers. Some of the hair terminologies you will hear are;

  • Tapering or Skin Fades

Stylists use clippers with guards ranging from 0.5 to 8 to create a taper. Failure to choose the right guard will result in a different hair size. Guard 2 and below are used when the client wants short hair that goes up to the size of exposing your scalp. Guard 2 and above leave longer hair on the head, covering your scalp entirely. When the stylist uses more than one guard on a hairstyle, they create a taper, the fading cut which makes the hair gradually change from one length to the other. 

  • Clipper Over Comb

Another way to get a fade is by using a clipper and comb. The stylist fetches some hair with the comb and shaves it with the clipper. As they move towards the crown, they lift the comb to leave the strands longer than on the lower sides. This method also creates a tapper fade.

  • Using the Scissors

Some stylists will use scissors depending on your haircut and the hair length you wish to achieve. Although most people don’t believe this, it is possible to get short hair using scissors. You can include the comb-over technique and use the scissors to cut the strands above the comb. 

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  • Thinning the Hair

 People with thick and voluminous hair find it hard to manage or style. Barbers can thin the hair to reduce the volume and make the hair more manageable. They use special scissors for thinning to remove the bulk weight. The scissors have crossed blades that cut only a few strands when crossed. However, thinning is preferably done on clean, dry hair because the stylist needs to see the areas with dene hair and reduce it.

Source: How to Choose a Haircut for Guys with Thinning Hair

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