Undercut Women Hairstyle Ideas You Should Embrace This Year

You have to be sure once you start considering getting undercut women’s hairdos. The stylist cuts a section of your hair to leave the crown longer than your head’s sides or the backside when styling it. You should also know your working environment rules about grooming because some do not agree with these hairstyles. 

Once you have ticked every box about your feelings on undercut hairdos, the next step is to choose the style you fancy. These undercut women hairdos are pretty cool and fun, but most people associate the wearers with being badass chics. Also, some undercuts can be hidden with the long hair by wearing a low ponytail. Check out some options you have.

1. Undercut Women With Deep Blue Wisps

If you are tired of wearing one hair color, ask your stylist to dye your strands a deep, rich color like deep blue. However, this hairstyle is for daring women with short hair. The longer strands are held using a clip to show off the undercut. 

2. Silver Blue And A Mermaid Braid

This hairstyle is also for daring women who believe in themselves and don’t mind the attention. The silver edges are stunning and make the hairdo sexier. Besides, you can pair the hairstyle with your everyday look. The stylist will use a comb to gather your hair on one side and make a braid at the border of the long strands and the undercut. 

3. Baby Pink And Side Bangs Undercut Women’s Hairdo

How much do you love baby pink? Because you can include it in your hairdo. You can combine the pink highlights with some rose gold strands because the two feminine colors make a perfect combination. Part the hair on one side to show off your undercut and create a side bang. 

4. Subtle Front Shear

You don’t have to show off the entire undercut women cut because, with the subtle front shear, you can experiment how you feel about having the cut. The stylist pins back some inches of your hair around the ears to show the undercut. The wearer can style the hair normally or add some light brown and blonde mixture of strands to make the style stand out more. 

5. Messy Beachy Hairdo

If you are looking for a hairdo for your summer vacation, the messy beachy hairstyle is the perfect style for you. The hairdo looks nice when combed back and left in a carefree state. Besides, it is not picky with hair color, and you can also wear it as a short bob. 

6. Pink And Blonde Undercut

Pink and blonde highlights are evident, attracting a lot of attention. Therefore, this hairdo is not for the faint-hearted but for women who don’t mind the attention. The color combination looks good on short hair. You can also make it wavy to increase the volume and look more casual.

7. Kool-Aid Undercut

If you don’t have a problem with having several shades of colors on your hair, you can try the Kool-Aid undercut. This hairstyle is also not for the cowards because you certainly will get attention. The hair color makes the women feel bolder. 

8. White Blonde Pixie

Women with an edgier style and big on the feminine look can try the white blonde pixie undercut. The hairdo is characterized by a shorter bob, but it retains its pixie look. It is also a perfect way to style your undercut if you don’t want it to show. 

9. Curly Deep Part Undercut

The curly, deep part undercut is glamorous and dazzling. The stylist combs your hair sideways to show the undercut. The curls make the longer strands looser and more voluminous. Besides, you can comb them to cover your forehead. It is a perfect style for your day out.


10. Barbie Pink Hairdo

Girls into girly hairdos will never go wrong with a pink hair shade. Combining the pink strands with an undercut is perfect for adding life to your hairstyle. You can get a side or a lower nape undercut, depending on your preference. Besides, the pink color will make you the only visible person in the room.

Source: How to Do Undercut Hair for Women

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