Top 5 Excel Repair Software That You Should Know

Microsoft Excel files (.XLS or .XLSX) can corrupt due to abrupt system shutdown, power failure, abnormally large spreadsheets, etc. Sometimes, Excel files can be corrupted to the extent that they won’t open. You can run the Open and Repair command to recover the file. If this doesn’t work for you, you can use several specialized Excel repair tools to restore the XLSX/XLS file while keeping the data intact.

This article discusses the top 5 Excel repair software you should know about.

  • Stellar Repair for Excel

(+) Repairs XLS and XLSX files of any size

(+) Can repair multiple Excel files in a single go

(+) Recovers tables, pivot tables, chartsheet, cell comment, series trendline, sort and filter setting, etc.

(+) Option to search corrupted Excel file on local drive

(+) Allows saving log report of the Excel file repair process

(+) Free trial version to repair and preview the data before saving it

(+) Compatible with Windows 11 and earlier versions

(+) Supports Excel 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007, and previous versions

(-) Demo version only allows to preview recoverable data; a licensed version of the software is needed to save the data.

Stellar Repair for Excel is one of the most popular Excel repair tools, and it’s easy to see why. The straightforward graphical user interface makes repairing a corrupt XLS/XLSX file quick and seamless. The software fixes corrupted Excel files without modifying the file contents, meaning all the tables, charts, conditional formatting rules, properties of the worksheet, and other data in the original format.

It only takes three steps to fix the corrupted file – Select, Repair, Save. The software also gives you an option to preview the recoverable Excel objects. The preview feature helps validate the accuracy of data before saving it.

  • ExcelFIX Demo

(+) Repairs both .XLS and .XLSX files 

(+) Recovers all the Excel file components like cell values, cell formulas, charts, etc.

(+) Previews recoverable data in all the sheets within the repaired file

(+) Can work with all major Excel versions Excel 365, 2019, 2016, and lower versions

(-) The licensed version of the software needs to be activated to repair multiple Excel files

(-) Not compatible with the latest Windows 11 version

ExcelFix Demo from Cimaware does a great job repairing a damaged or corrupted Excel file. First, you need to select the corrupt Excel file to initiate file recovery. If you cannot find the Excel file, you want to repair, use the Select File option in the Advanced section of the software to search for the file. Once selected, choosing the Recovery option recovers the file, and clicking View shows all the recoverable data.

The software helps recover all the data, including texts, numbers, formulas, images, etc. A free demo of the software is available to restore an Excel file and show a preview of the data before saving it. The only concern is that the user interface must be clear and concise.  

  • SysTools Excel Recovery

(+) Repairs multiple corrupt XLS or XLSX files

(+) Enhanced preview of recoverable Excel file objects is available

(+) Option to find Excel files in subfolders

(+) Supports the latest Windows 11 and its earlier versions

(-) Do not allow to view recoverable data more than once in the preview pane

(-) You must have Microsoft .NET framework 4.6.1 installed on the PC to run the software

Excel Recovery from SysTools is another easy-to-use tool for repairing single or multiple corrupt XLSX files. The simple to use graphical user interface makes repairing the Excel file hassle-free. You need to add the corrupt Excel file, fix it, view the recoverable data, and export it.

It displays a preview of the pivot table, cell commenting, hyperlinks, charts, images, and other Excel file objects extracted from the corrupt file. You can preview recoverable data of at least two sheets. Note that the software allows viewing data in a sheet only once. You will need to save the repaired file to view the data again.  

  • Excel Repair Toolbox

(+) Can repair an Excel file of different formats like XLS, XLSX, XLT, XLSM, XLTM, etc.

(+) Recovers cells data, formulas, cell formatting, table styles, worksheets, cell colors, etc.

(-) Cannot repair multiple Excel files

(-) Allows saving the repaired file in XLSX format only

(-) Do not support recovery of sorting or calculation settings, hyperlinks, merged cells, comments, etc.

(-) Windows 11 incompatible

Excel Repair Toolbox gives you the power to repair XLS, XLSX, XLT, XLTM, and other Excel file formats that are corrupt or cannot be opened due to some issue. It supports repairing files of Excel 2019 and previous versions. The software can repair data from cells, external and internal links, row heights, column widths, number format of cells, and other objects. 

Try out the free download version of the software to verify its functionality and effectiveness. The demo version allows previewing the repaired file data before the file saving process.

  • iSumsoft Excel Refixer

(+) Can repair Excel file (XLSX) of any size

(+) Retrieves sheets, cells, formulas, formats, charts, properties, etc.

(-) Do not support XLS file format

(-) Preview of recoverable items before saving is not supported

(-) Support for Windows 11 is not included

If you need a simple tool to repair and recover an XLSX file and most of the file items, iSumsoft Excel Refixer can come in handy. The tool is designed to help users perform the Excel file repair process easily and quickly. It helps retrieve all the Excel file data like sheets, cells, properties, formats, etc.

Unlike the other software in the list, iSumsoft Excel Refixer does not support previewing recoverable data. Unfortunately, this leaves you with no option to validate the accuracy of recoverable data unless it is saved.

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Here’s a comparison chart to quickly help you decide which Excel file repair software best suit your needs.



Stellar Repair for Excel  ExcelFix Demo SysTools Excel Recovery Excel Repair Toolbox iSumsoft Excel Refixer
Repairs XLS and XLSX files Yes Yes Yes Yes (also repairs .xls, .xlt, .xltm, .xlsx, .xlsm, .xltx, .xlam) files No (*only repairs XLSX file)
Batch Repair Multiple Excel Files Yes No (licensed version is needed to repair multiple files) Yes No No
Preserves Cell Formatting Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Previews Recoverable Data Before Saving Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Option to save log report of repair process Yes No No No No
Compatible with the latest Excel 2019 version Yes Yes (support for Excel 365 also included) Yes Yes Yes
Supports Windows 11 Yes No Yes No No


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