The Dead Ends – Final Fantasy 14 Walkthrough Guide

The Endwalker DLC brought a lot of innovations to the End Fantasy 14 universe, players received an increase in the level cap to 90, new dungeons, bosses, and equipment.

In this article, we’ll discuss Dead Ends entry requirements, minimum equipment, bosses, and mechanics along with the drop that can be obtained.

What you need to know about Dead Ends:

  • Requirements
  • Bosses
  • Walkthrough
  • Drop

Dead Ends


Dead Ends is part of the Endwalker expansion and will become available at level 90 to anyone with gear over level 540.

If your equipment does not correspond to the declared level, then you can do one of three ways:

  1.  Farm gils and buy the missing equipment. Farming is worth the storyline quests, taking secondary quests and going to all the raids from the old updates.
  2.  Find a crafter who will help you create improved equipment.
  3.  Buy gils to immediately purchase equipment and go to conquer the Dead Ends.

What you need to do to buy gils in Final Fantasy 14:

  • Follow the link –
  • Select the number of gils you want to purchase, having previously found out the prices for the missing items of equipment.
  • Pay for the order, or leave a request to contact the manager.
  • Coordinate with the employee the time and method of transferring the paid order.
  • Get gils and go to the marketplace.

To avoid gaming sanctions and attention from the administration, gils are disguised and transferred under the guise of exchange between players. GMs cannot keep track of all transactions and will not respond to an exchange between players if it looks like a real interaction and not a simple transfer of a large amount of gils.

Under such a scheme, the risk of gaming sanctions is reduced to almost zero, since there is no actual reason for the administration to intervene.


Caustic Grebuloff – uses three types of AOE attacks:

  1. Miasmata – moves methodically from one side to the other depending on the direction of the wind.
  2. Cough Up – avoid skill to avoid massive damage.
  3. Craven Companionship – the group needs to stick together, the damage is divided among all the raid members, and if there are many targets, the damage will be minimal and not dangerous.
  4. A wave of Nausea – AOE damage that will be applied immediately after the previous skill, track it and avoid it.

Peacekeeper is a more dangerous and cunning opponent, with whom it is important not to stand in one place for a long time, since he uses AOE skills and blockers, namely:

  1.  Electromagnetic Repellant – blocks the center of the battle zone and prevents players from occupying this territory.
  2.  Order to Fire and No Future – a combination of damage, where Order deals damage in a line, and No Future creates many points that deal damage if they come into contact with the player.
  3.  Peacefire – damage that passes only when attacking from the front, players need to turn their backs and then the skill will not cause serious problems.
  4.  Eclipsing Exhaust – the skill knocks back and deals damage, when using it, it is worth significantly increasing the distance, or getting ready to use a skill that will not allow the negative effect to pass.

Ra-la – the most dangerous boss in the raid – will regularly move around and leave a lot of AOE points that deal damage. Each dot will explode and deal damage in the order it was created – track the first dot and run in that direction after the explosion so you will be safe.

What else you need to consider when fighting:

  1.  Lifesbreath – Summons butterflies that deal direct damage and impose a negative effect that reduces the level of health. It is important to track the actions of butterflies and predict the place of attack.
  2.  Loving Embrace – Massive AOE damage over a large area, in order to survive it you need to quickly find safe points and stay on them until the end of the attack.


Caustic Grebuloff

Absolutely not dangerous for groups, the tank should keep all the monsters on itself and avoid poisonous puddles, then the healer will practically not need to do anything. The boss’s health goes down very quickly, but don’t forget to stick together.


Boss requiring increased concentration. The tank must not only constantly move to avoid dangerous points, but also be ready to turn sharply in the opposite direction from the boss.

DPS units need to be careful about their positioning and deal maximum damage to make life easier for the tank and healer.

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The most dangerous boss. Due to the constant movement, it will cause trouble for the whole group, and all participants in the raid should carefully monitor the points that the boss leaves, so as not to burden their healer with unnecessary work in running around and trying to save the DPS units that fled in different directions.


Upon successful completion of the raid, players will receive accessories from the Last level 560 section.

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