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eBay is one marketing platform that encourages people to sell things online. There are thousands of individuals who use the platform to conduct business and connect with their customers. It all sounds like nothing but greener pastures. But in reality, some sellers fail to make any profit at all. Why is that? That is because they have no clear understanding of the basic concepts. So today, we will cover what you have to do to sell and make some sweet cash on the marketing platform giant. Let’s get started.

Starting By Answering The Question Why

So why would you sell on eBay? There are multiple alternatives out there, so why pick this particular one? Here are a few reasons why you can – and should – sell on eBay:

  • Trust 

eBay allows consumers to protect themselves from scams and negative services. Customers will buy an item or two from your catalog if you partner with the selling platform. They will do so, even if they have no idea or knowledge about the platform in the first place.

  • Auction option

The selling platform became famous when it gave merchants the option to put their wares up for auction. This aspect means you can get more money from an item as bids for it go higher. But if your auction does not go well, there is still the alternative of selling at fixed prices.

  • Lower fees

Other online selling platforms charge you at least fifteen percent for every item you sell. That is not the case with eBay. The sites will only charge you ten percent, which is way lower than others. In addition, you have the option to reduce even more fees. How? By becoming a top-rated seller or subscribing to an eBay store plan.

  • Outstanding SEO

The platform also has legitimate and improved search engine optimization or SEO. Anything you search has better chances of showing up on an eBay site. This feature is beneficial for you – you do not even need to build a website to sell your goods.

  • Shipping

eBay also has shipping conditions. When you shop on the platform, you will land some decent shipping perks. If you get lucky, you will cut shipping and delivery costs by up to fifty-five percent. If you are extremely lucky, your shipping will not cost you anything at all.

  • Massive market

The platform has sellers from all cultures, races, and backgrounds. You will find items that might only be available in some regions. You might even find out that there exist things you have no idea about overall.

Tips For Selling In The Platform

Understanding why you should sell via eBay is only the first step. You must learn how to do things. So, here are some selling tips for your merchant journey.

  • Learn how to price

You have to realize that what you have may not sell for its original retail price. Some items have transitioning values, especially collector pieces. One way you can learn to price is by checking complete lists.

  • Looking for what you can sell

Take a look inside your home. There are thousands of materials and items you can let go of and make a profit with later. The neat thing about that is some of your possessions might actually sell at higher prices. Some items that for you might not have value can mean the world for someone else. I would start rummaging right now if I were you.

  • Take your own pictures

No one likes to see stock images of products that are for sale. Taking pictures of your sellable goods means you have them physically. Consumers will not doubt your item’s credibility if you show them proof.

  • Learn the seller limit

eBay has some pointers in terms of seller limits. These limitations have the most impact on new sellers. The seller limit includes account, selling, and item limitations. But the more you sell, the better chance of you requesting a higher limit.

  • Pack properly

You can improve your selling endeavours by packaging items neatly and well. Doing so will result in a better customer experience, as appearance is one part of the battle.

  • Returns and refunds

It would be wise to offer a decent return and refund policy. Doing so will allow you to have a lead over your competitors. Potential buyers opt for sellers and listings that have a better return and refund policy.

Additional Reading

You can learn more from other media and articles on eBay selling. Some have in-depth and comprehensive guides on things to do and not to. You can expand your knowledge by checking them out. If you are interested, you can start with that right now. You can check out this guide for more information.

As A Conclusion

eBay is one way to start with an online selling business. With it, you can make a profit from several things – even the ones that are gathering dust in your attic or closet. But do make sure to follow any rules and regulations first before you start selling. It would also pay to guarantee that what you will sell will not be missed.

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