Must-Have Accessories for Gaming Laptops in 2022

When you are getting into gaming on your laptop, you know that for the experience to be top of the line and fun, you will need more than the standard gaming laptop.

While your accessories of choice will depend very much on the type of game you play, most gaming enthusiasts agree that there are some core accessories that every gamer should have, to make the most of the experience.

In recent times, like most things, the core accessories for a good game have upgraded, and this article explores 5 must-have accessories for any gaming laptop that are trending in 2022.

Gaming Keyboards

You can play most games using the standard keyboard that accompanies a laptop, like the Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Carbon, but for serious gamers, this is unlikely to be enough. 

Therefore, it is well worth investing a bit of money into a gaming keyboard or keypad, which has a limited number of the keys found on a traditional keyboard.

The keys are arranged in such a way that you can access them with ease, and they are designed to be more ergonomic with the shape of the human hand.


No, not the fluffy rodent with a bald tail.

Much like the gaming keyboard, there is now a gaming mouse that has been named the rat, and it is designed for professional gamers.

It slots into your hand like a traditional mouse does but has more buttons and pressure points for you to click when playing your games. Many rat controls also light up and even vibrate when you take a hit in the game. You can also program each key on the rat to the function you require from it. As there are so many kinds of rats to choose from, make sure the one you have is in your price range and has the controls that you need it to have for optimum performance.

Gaming Headsets

Of course, when most people are asked to picture gamers, they picture someone wearing a headset. However, what kind of headset is trending in 2022?

Well, there are, of course, the standard ones that allow you to talk into the game and give instructions, but now, a lot of headsets are integrating virtual reality elements too, which can be amazing if the game you are playing offers that feature.

Much like the rats, the gaming headsets can vibrate in response to stimuli from the game you are playing, so can be a lot of fun to wear and play around with.


So, of course, this article was going to talk about GPUs or graphics processing units.

Most gaming laptops will have an ample amount of space to accommodate the graphics needed, but some gamers want more and opt for an additional and external GPU slot. This will allow you to experience more enhanced graphics, and even VR aspects of certain games, without the game or laptop slowing down or stalling.

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Finally, another must-have accessory for the gaming aficionado is the controller. In some cases, a laptop will allow you to attach a gaming controller from an Xbox, but in other cases, you will need to purchase the operating system version of a gaming controller. However, it can make the game easier to control.

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