Lookah Seahorse Pro Glass Accessories

Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories provide you with the tools kit in case you lost some of your tools. This kit contains everything that you need. It has a connection with a hose that ultimately attach to the water pipe. So this will give the finest and the rich flavoured hit.

When you use this accessories kit and connect the dab with a water pipe, it’ll give you additional cooling by extra filtration. The kit comes with an adapter, a connection hose, and ample space to work.

The tip of the adapter slides over the mouthpiece, and in case you need some extra piece, then no need to worry. The accessory kit includes different glass mouth piece that you can use in case of any loss.

Lookah Seahorse Pro Accessories Features

These are some of the features that make the Lookah seahorse pro kit the coolest of all. Let’s have a look at these features that make it exceptional:

1-      14/18mm adapter

The 14/18mm adapter is perfect to fit every dab rig or bong. But, of course, these adapters come with the whole set of tools along with the battery as well.

2-      Tip adapter

In Lookah seahorse glass accessories, the tip adapter slides over the mouthpiece and thus, all those who want some extra filtration for better flavours will make this out.

3-      Connection hose

The 24 cm connection hose will provide extra space to work with the water pipe and the tip for the filtration.

4-      Glass tube/mouthpiece

So in case, you lose any of your tools, then Lookah provides you with some extra mouthpiece made up of glass in the accessories kit.

Lookah Seahorse Glass Accessories characteristics

So guys, let’s look at some of the features, or you can say some factors that add up the value of this brand. Thus let’s dive into the details:

Facilitate cleaning

As we all know, the dab pens are not easy to clean and contain about 510 cartridges to get fit. Thus Lookah seahorse glass accessories has launched its accessories kit to make the impossible possible for you. These accessories can fit in all dabs and bongs hence making the cleaning process easy for you.

Rechargeable battery

The most exciting and essential function is charging the dab, and thus these Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories come with a rechargeable battery of about 3.7 volts. It’s about 650 (mah) and lasts for a long and also offers a quick charge with the consumption of low volt units.

Another incredible fact about the accessed battery is that you can change the voltage of the mortar between 3.2, 3.4 and 3.8; thus, it works on the resistance of about 1.2 ohms. Additionally, you can switch to the manual or the automatic modes as well. 

Manual mode

The seahorse pro comes with two modes, the manual and the exclusive mode. So firstly, we’re talking about the manual mode. Thus manually, you’ve to press the button by yourself after choosing the desired temperature to dab.

Exclusive mode

While unlike the manual mode in exclusive mode forex vaporizer is activated by pressing the power button three times consecutively. So in a preheating manner, at about 15 seconds, the vaporizer shows up flashlight as an indication.

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How to use the Lookah seahorse glass accessories kit?

So, most people don’t know the actual use of the tools provided to them as extras. Thus here we’ll talk about their service. Let’s begin:

Firstly we’ll talk about the glass water pipe that is provided with the kit. So with this glass water pipe, you can take the more great hits. But, first, you have to connect your rig’s mouthpiece with the silicon tube and the water pipe. Thus before inhaling the concentrate by dabbing the pen, it passes the vaporized concentrate that will in turn pass through the water pipes.

Some Pros of Seahorse Glass Accessories

  Seahorse pro available

 Instructional manual available

  It comes with a cleaning brush

 USB cable is available

  Facilitate fast heating

 One device with the multiple uses

  Easy to clean

Highly portable

Wrap up   

So peeps! That’s all about Lookah seahorse pro glass accessories and the functions that these tools perform. Thus, I hope you liked my effort and got every detail about the features and specifications you always wanted to know.

Hence don’t overthink as it is the best seahorse accessory kit in the market. It usually remains out of stock, so if you want to have it, then buy it now! Go and grab the opportunity. Don’t forget to give us your kind feedback after first use.

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