How to Wax a surfboard

Growing up on your surfboard is one of the most important things when surfing because it gives you and your feet a firm grip when standing on the board. Therefore, it is especially important how much is a good surfboard that you cultivate your board properly before hitting the water.

Different types of Surf Wax

There are also different types of waxes and these for different water temperatures. The wax is distinguished once in the base coat and the normal surf wax. The so-called base coat is a slightly stronger, more resistant wax, which is used as an adhesive first coat or base coat. Only in the thin layer of Base-Coat does the proper surf wax come upstairs.

Why do you need surf wax?

By using a base coat, normal wax gets better and longer, especially on board, and you can create more beautiful waxy trays. So with a base coat, you will have some of your waxwork for longer.

The goal of growing a surfboard is to create small sticky buds on the surface of the board to create traction on the board.

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  • Quickly rub your new board with a cloth to remove any residue.
  • Decide where the adult should go. Longboards are usually waxed to the full length of the board so you can walk on the deck and hang 10. Even if you are a beginner, you may have parts of the board that you did not expect and may have wax. It will be an advantage to cover the entire length of the board. Shortboards grow to about two-thirds of the board length, just beyond where your front foot will be. The wax should be applied 1-2 inches from the rails (board side) and should not be applied to the rails or the bottom of the plate.
  • Apply a base coat. Take your base coat stick and apply a very thin, even layer on the entire part of the plate to be waxed. Apply in horizontal or vertical layers to cover the entire wax area. You do not have to press too hard, just apply with firm pressure.
  • To apply the topcoat, take the wax and break it in half. Then use the corner of the wax to “draw” on the topcoat. There is no single way to grow your board, but we recommend using a diagonal “cross” pattern with lines drawn diagonally from the bottom left rail to the top right rail on the board. Then reverse the direction to create a woven pattern. This will create combs that create more grip. Once you have applied this to the entire wax area of ​​the board, lay the wax stick flat and apply it in circles all over the board. You will see the ridges rise in dents from the board. Be careful not to press too hard, otherwise, it will flatten your buds.

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  • Remember that there is no one way to grow your board, less pressure will create smaller beads, while more pressure will create a flatter and larger beads. It’s up to you to experiment.

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