How To Become A Third Party Seller On Amazon?

Being the biggest online marketplace, Amazon has sellers from almost all over the globe. That means you can buy and sell almost all the things under the sun at Amazon. While buying from Amazon is no rocket science, selling requires a proper strategy. To grow your business you will need to take care of your brand visibility, cataloging, imaging, optimization, and much more. What it means is by setting your seller account, managing, and adjusting it with Amazon policies, you can earn a frank amount of money.
And if you can’t take care of this all yourself, you can avail multiple Amazon account management services, business optimization, and Amazon PPC management services.
But these are all the things that come into level two of the game. Level one is setting a seller account. So do you know how to become a third-party seller on Amazon? I have covered all the possible information you need to become a third-party seller. So let’s dive deep into discovering it.
What Do You Need To Become A Third-Party Seller On Amazon:
To become a third-party seller on Amazon you first need to set up an account. For this, you will need a few things that are listed below.
  • You should have a pro or an individual seller account.
  • You should have all the details of your business
  • You should understand Amazon selling policies and Amazon’s seller code of conduct fully.
Note: If your sale target is less than 40 products a month, you can be an individual seller. For this, you will have to pay 99 cents plus transaction fees per sale.

3 Simple Steps To Become A Third-Party Seller On Amazon:

1. Work On The Seller Profile:

After setting an account, what should do is put all the necessary things needed to complete the seller profile. From your company information to feedback from previous customers, and return and shipping policies, everything should be mentioned here. Moreover, you can share the about to your business, mission statement, business philosophy here. This will add a human touch to your company and will emotionally bond your potential customers to your brand.

2. Create Your Product’s Inventory:

Creating a product inventory means you will list down all the products you are targeting to sell on Amazon. And if your products are already listed on Amazon, just use stock images and descriptions. That means. All you will need to do is explain the product in the most attractive way possible along with mentioning the number of available products. Howeve, if you are still unable to do it yourself, you can always take help from third-party Amazon account management services providers.

3. Be Mindful Of Your Fulfillment Method:

When it comes to choosing a shipment and fulfillment method, you normally have two options.
  1. Fulfillment by merchants (FBM)
  2. Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)
  • The first one FBM says that you would have to take responsibility for everything. That means, maintaining inventory to labeling, packaging, and shipment of the products, everything is solely your headache.
  • The second one FBA facilitates you a lot as Amazon will have your inventory and stored and you will no need to step into the hassle of shipping or packaging. But you will have to be very mindful of prep requirements. That includes accurate labeling, packaging each product in a secure package, and removing any unrelated scannable barcodes. Moreover, poly bags must have an expiration date in an accurate format, a warning for the prevention of suffocation, and much more.

Top 5 tips and tricks to become a successful third party seller on Amazon:

1. Market Wherever You Can:

The biggest mistake most sellers do is they solely trust Amazon for their brand visibility. Doing this stops them from appearing at the top of the results due to strict competition. Instead, utilize all the social media platforms you have to market directly to your audience. Moreover, utilize your email newsletter if you have one. Send reminders to your customers for new products, reach out to influencers and ask them to aware their audience about your products. If all this doesn’t work for you, never hesitate to take Amazon PPC management services.

2. Choose Your Niche Wisely:

You should not try to do everything, just find the niche that works better for you. And the best way to do this is to look for what is in demand or trending. You can check this by using an Amazon search to see what people are purchasing. However, you should not stick to it but look for products that address people’s pain points. That doesn’t bring much competition in good price. You can also look for the hottest items in other online stores.

3. Sell Quality Products On The Low Prices:

If you are a beginner at Amazon business, you can lower your prices in comparison to your competitors. But always be mindful that there might be a chance others are doing the same trick. Create your products in unique sizes, colors, and customization. But do it at the same price as competitors. This way, the consumer will attract to products that will be unique and at the same price as others.

4. Learn From The Mistakes Of Your Competitors:

Find the people who are selling the same things as you. Sneak into their reviews and see what people are complaining about.  See if the customers are complaining bout late shipping, fraudulent product descriptions, broken parts, or appearance-related issues. Make sure your product should not lack in these areas.

5. Take Reviews:

Buyers will not leave reviews on their own. Everyone is busy. Instead, ask them to leave a review by either putting a note into their package or through any other creative way that catches consumer attention. Avoid asking for reviews through the Amazon communication platform, it will be against Amazon policies and you will surely not want to get your selling privileges revoked.


Becoming a third-party seller on Amazon no doubt requires a lot of hassle and the right marketing serves as a cherry on the top of your business growth. You know that you can’t do everything yourself. So you will need third-party help to deal with multiple things that are not just limited to setting a seller account but optimization, the right advertisement campaign, and much more. But if you ever find yourself struggling through finding the right Amazon PPC management services, go to urtasker without thinking twice. Believe me, you will not regret it.

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