How iPhone Users Have an Advantage in Getting Fit Now

The iPhone users have now joined the club of online fitness with a new app by their side. Vingo, the best online running/cycling app made headway into android and windows. And now, it has ventured into the world of iOS. This comes with a sigh of relief for many iPhone users across the world. The latest app comes with some of the best features so far. Here’s how it works,

Indoor Running & Cycling Gets Easier

The Vingo app transforms your indoor running/cycling into an online adventure. For this, it uses virtual maps designed from real locations across the world. Just set your screen before your treadmill or exercise bike and select your favourite location in the app.

You can connect your phone with your equipment and let the app monitor your movements and speed. This way it can adjust the sceneries on your screen. Once you begin running/cycling, you will enter the virtual world from right where you are. You will no longer exercise; you will go on a new adventure every day.

Start Running or Cycling Today

The app is available across all platforms now. This makes it easier to be installed in any of your devices, even your smart TV. The detailed sceneries on a wide screen will give you an even more realistic experience.

You can start your journey into fitness and go on adventures every day. Also, you can invite your friends and family to join you on your adventures.

The App is Available on iOS Now

Now that the app is available in iOS, iPhone users need not worry about being missed out. You can all join the thousands of people who come into the app every day.

Everyone from trained athletes to beginners comes into the app to train in their own personal virtual space. You can find them and if possible, talk to them over voice chat. Some people like to have private time; hence they would have hit the mute button. You can have a solo adventure too, with your mute button.

You can also socialize through the communities within the app. These communities are created and maintained by users and they may vary from region to region, time zone to time zone, and more. But all their goals are the same, to get fit the fun way.

Start a friendship today and get fit in a fun-filled activity with the app. Did you know that you can also create a new free account in it?

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Open a Free Account & Get Fit

As an offer, the app is now placed in beta mode. This allows anyone to create an account of their own and enjoy all the premium features. This includes access to all the maps, avatar costumes, virtual equipment, and more.

Install the biking app on your phone now and register in it. Apart from improving your running experience, the app also augments the cycling experience. Enjoy all its premium features and get fit easily.

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