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When you need great dental care service, consider Higgins dental emergency Jacksonville FL. With a Board Certified dentist, Dr. Gina Johnson-Higgins, Dr. Andrew Higgins, and dental hygienist Lauren Reidy, you can be assured that you’ll get the best possible treatment.

Dr. Gina Johnson-Higgins is a general dentist

Gina Johnson-Higgins is specialized in the treatment of dental care Higgins Dental health problems. She earned Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Morehead State University, and then went on to attend the University of Kentucky College of Dentistry. She was in the “Top Ten” while attending dental school, and since graduation, she has had a private practice in Lexington, Kentucky. She is a member of the Kentucky Dental Association, the Bluegrass Dental Society, and the American Dental Association.

Gina Johnson-Higgins is headquartered at Higgins dental care Higgins Dental in Lexington, KY. She is a DMD (Dentist Physician) and accepts multiple insurance plans. Patients should confirm their coverage before scheduling an appointment. While she accepts most insurance plans, it is a good idea to check your insurance coverage before scheduling an appointment.

Gina Johnson-Higgins has a website and social media profiles. You can read her bio and view pictures of her practice. She also offers patient education on oral health, which is crucial for maintaining your overall health. While her practice focuses on general dentistry, she also has advanced training in sedation dentistry and sleeps medicine.

Dr. Andrew Higgins is a dental anesthesiologist

Dr. Andrew Higgins is a dentist in Costa Mesa, California. He performs various dental procedures and offers advice on how to maintain a healthy mouth. Patients are encouraged to have regular checkups with him, which should be at least twice a year. However, if you have severe dental care Higgins Dental, you should contact another dentist. If you are unsure whether Dr. Higgins accepts your insurance, it is recommended that you call before making an appointment.

The American Dental Board of Anesthesiology was founded in 1994 and is responsible for certifying dental anesthesiologists. The specialty of dental anesthesiology was first recognized by CODA in 1994. Since then, the board has been reorganized to accredit dental anesthesiology residencies. Additionally, the ADA’s NCRDSCB has recognized dental anesthesiologists as a specialty.

To become a certified dental anesthesiologist, an aspiring dentist must complete an accredited dental anesthesia residency program. To become board-certified, a dentist anesthesiologist must have a minimum of 24 months of anesthesia training, including 6 months of clinical anesthesia experience. To become a member of the board, a dentist must have completed a CODA-accredited dental anesthesia residency. In addition to meeting the ADA’s requirements, he must demonstrate the active practice and pass a comprehensive oral examination.

The American dental care Higgins Dental of Anesthesiology (ADA) is the only dental board that requires its members to have at least 2 years of residency training. The ADA’s specialty board has recently approved a new certifying board for dentists with anesthesia training. The board will be able to certify only those dentists who have completed a two-year residency program and at least 1 year of practice experience.

Dr. Lauren Reidy is a dental hygienist

Lauren Reidy has worked at Higgins dental clinic Jacksonville FL since 2022. She is currently a dental hygienist but has previously worked in a group practice in Fort Hood, Texas. Prior to joining the practice, she was stationed at Fort Hood with her husband. She lives in Ballard with her husband and loves to spend time with her family. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking and trying new bakeries.

Sabrina has a passion for education. She enjoys using visual aids to help patients understand the importance of oral health. She has several hobbies, including reading, gardening, traveling, and biking. A graduate of the New York City School of Technology, she has over fifteen years of experience in the dental field.

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Dr. George Mani is a dentist

Dr. George Mani graduated from NC State University and the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry. After his training, he joined the US Public Health Service and spent the next few years serving the public in various capacities. He later returned to Wake Forest and opened.

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